Nokia N78 v30.0.011 Firmware Change Log

UPDATE : This change log is for the Nokia N78 . Sorry for the confusion.

Thanks to rwishi for the update

Thanks to Adrian for sending me the change log for the N78

We had recently posted about the new v30 firmware for Nokia 5800.Norman John at Symbian World has posted an interesting changelog he discovered in the new v30.0.011 firmware.

And the changes are as follows:
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Nokia N78 gets Firmware Update to

The Nokia N78 has got a new firmware  update v20.149.051.1. It sure does make the phone more stable and has still few missing items that we always wished the phone had. has posted the complete firware change log. Given below for your viewing.

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Exclusive Nokia N78 Sports Tracker video review

There is a lot you can do with your Nokia N78. The Sports Tracker is just one of them.

With the Sports Tracker you can map your activity (such as cycling, walking, driving, running etc) through the GPS and position it on Nokia Map. While the activity is ‘on’ you can take pictures that will get tagged on to your route.

This amazing feature will allow you to track your movement in any part of the world on a map (all the while noting details such as speed, altitude, latitude, longitude etc) that you can share with your friends and even other travel enthusiasts such as yourself.

The Sports Tracker therefore is your very own, personal travel map with a photo album thrown in! It is just AMAZING!!!!

Watch the videos to understand the expanse of this feature that Nokia offers ‘simply’ without too much publicity and grandeur.

Part I


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Nokia launches two high end handsets Nokia N79 and N85

Nokia launched 2 new handsets the Nokia N79 and N85.

The N79 is a candy bar handset where as the N85 is a dual slider much like the N95.

Touted to be a multimedia phone, the handset comes with changeable back covers in five colours: Light Sea Blue, Espresso Brown, Olive Green, White and Coral Red.

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Nokia shows N96, Nokia 6210 Navigator, Nokia N78, Nokia 6220 classic, Nokia 3120 classic at Mobile Asia 2008

At the Mobile Asia 2008 showing, Nokia displayed most of its superb GPS handsets.

Nokia N96

Touted to be the successor of Nokia N95, N96 is a slider phone with 16GB storage and the option to further enhance it with a MicroSD slot as well!!!


For more details on the handset, read Fonearena’s coverage here.

There is no word on how much the handset will cost in India. The European price is Euros 550, i.e. Rs 33,700 approx. Read on for more .. Seems like Nokia demoed most of its last month’s Barcelona launches here ! Continue reading “Nokia shows N96, Nokia 6210 Navigator, Nokia N78, Nokia 6220 classic, Nokia 3120 classic at Mobile Asia 2008”

Nokia Launches the N96 and the N78

The Mobile World Congress has started and its raining mobiles there. Sony Ericsson launched the XPERIA, their new G Series and one Walkman Clamshell with beefed up memory to compete with the N81 and N82. Sometime back the pictures of N96 leaked on the Internet and then the N96 specs came out on the Nokia site in Germany.N96_02.jpg Continue reading “Nokia Launches the N96 and the N78”

Nokia might launch 2 new Nseries phones this time at 3gsm not 6

Looks like we might see 2 new entrants to Nokia’s NSeries lineup at the 3GSM this week in Barcelona !

Stefan is  smart   to point out from the itinerary


Can you see 2 sets of questionmarks in the image above ?

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