LG Viewty Smart GC900 Hits India


LG Viewty Smart hits indian shores


LG India just launched the Viewty Smart GC900 in Mumbai today. The phone boasts of a 8 MP Camera with a Powerful LED Flash and a gorgeous capactive  WVGA touchscreen display. It sports the S-Class interface which we saw in the Arena already.

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LG VIEWTY Celebrates 5 million handsets sales

LG Electronics  launched the VIEWTY in October 2007 in the overseas market ,NAM was omitted as it depends on different sales bracket and technology. After its release quite some 14 months, LG have achieved the cumulative sales of 5,000,000 (350,000 domestic and overseas 4650000) Viewty handsets which is something to reckon with. Though it is not quite some feat compared to what a normal handset from Espoo does but for LG this is indeed something great and a memorable occassion. Its a true winner of a handset .

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LG Viewty KU990 to debut in Asia

LG’s high-end five million pixel camera phone with a 3-inch wide touch screen, Viewty (Model: LG-KU990)  is all set to make its debut in Asia starting in November.

The first Asian Nations where it will make its presence felt is Hong Kong and Singapore. It will make its Koran debut in mid December. India will follow suit, optimistically by early 2008, although there no reports confirming the same.

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