Nokia N78 gets Firmware Update to

The Nokia N78 has got a new firmware  update v20.149.051.1. It sure does make the phone more stable and has still few missing items that we always wished the phone had. has posted the complete firware change log. Given below for your viewing.

Change Log of the new Firmware update v20.149.051.1 –

Changes/Improvements/New features I have noticed from v12.046 to v20.149:
Standby screen:

*While scanning for wireless networks in the home screen, instead of saying “No networks found” as in the past, it says “No WLANs available”, also some other minor name changes in this menu.
*Share online icon in standby screen seems to be different
*When going back to the music player via the standby screen, it goes straight into the player without a fading in/out transition as it did before when Theme Effects are turned on (an instantaneous response). However, for going into other sections from the standby screen the fade in/out transition still occurs.
*When Music Player is operating, and seeing the track name on the screen, and then when one song ends and goes to the next track, the speed at which this happens is much improved although not flawless (there is still some lag).
*Scrolling up and down through the entries in the standby screen is very fast and not slow like before.

Call log, Contacts and calling function:

*Calling speed (from standby screen to Contacts or Call Log) and transition to call/disconnected screens much faster and improved
*Faster resume of music playback after call is ended
*Volume bar is changed from ten dotted increment to continuous coloured volume triangle (this has also been reflected in other menus and options throughout the phone)


*Maps updated to version 2.0

Music Player:

*Much faster interface and speed through all menus
*Pressing volume keys is much improved and faster and more accurate response than before (where it may have taken time in the past for the volume level to update)
*Music controls (i.e. Rewind, Fast forward, play/pause, stop) are no longer the same colour as the matching theme, now it is just the same light green colour across all themes
*Visualisations are still a bit slow, but faster than before


*Transition into the Photos application is much faster than before
*Scrolling through photos and videos and the like is still jerky and thumbnails still take a while to be updated from pixelated to clear thumbnails


*In Themes, there is a new theme called Music (very yucky looking I must admit)
*Power saver now includes “Now playing” option, so when the backlight goes off, the currently playing song and time are displayed on the screen for a number of seconds before disappearing. This occurs before keypad lock is activated, and when any key is pressed, the names of the song light up (in green or red). Also when going from one track to the next while this screensaver is activated, the date is displayed briefly.


*General speed improvements across all menus and applications
*Help function is much faster and speed improved
*New help topics added to Help function
*Speed dial now works without any lag
*New RealPlayer interface and version updated (where the RealPlayer screen is no longer displayed but grey bars on top and bottom of the video)
*About application has been updated for the year dates so that they are all “2009″.
*Installation of applications and refresh of available applications within the Application Manager is much improved and faster (although icons for installed applications are now not displayed)
*”Application update” added to Applications
*Carousel menu has new options under each heading
*Navi-wheel seems to have been tweaked a bit more
*Background light settings actually work now
*Truncated email-account login name fixed

Other documented changes that have been stated by others for v13.052 and now v20.149:

– System Error message appears when trying to stream a clip from a busy server
– Timestamp corruption error in long streaming which leads to ‘Error in receiving live
-VPN not working through WLAN in offline mode
– Priorities of protected IAPs could not be changed via UI
– Mail For Exchange did not play tone for every mail received as per S60 3.0 and 3.1
– DM settings were not generated automatically when Email settings are defined in variant
– Thumbnail displayed does not match actual image if user deletes thumbnail file in
memory card private folder
– UI issues when viewing Youtube videos
– Playing WMA audio files improved
– IHF cannot be enabled during call when FMT is on
– DRM: The ampersand character (’&’) encoding is not correct
Other changes:
– Weekly recurring clock alarm always sets for the current weekday regardless of the day
– Contact Groups are not titled correctly
– Help text located in settings/general/Navi Wheel
– Help text for Voice commands
– Access point generation difficulties after factory reset

New features:
– Boingo – Cancelled
– Comes With Music (CWM) – This SW Version includes CWM enablers



* N78 to CK-07W Audio Lost at regular intervals
* Call Not Working With Bluetooth Headset


* WLAN APN passed along with SDP contents is not utilized by Real Player

Power Management

* Sleep current too high while video applications at background


* The phone freezes when launching the Trip distance by clicking the link in Help content

PC Suite

* Harvester Server doesn’t close all necessary connections to other services during backup/restore


* Incorrect error codes are passed by TSY from SIM server to application layer for Smart card feature


* RadioLauncher gets corrupted state when VisualRadio exits
* FM frequency range extends below 87.5MHz


* Podcasts: garbled search results when entering a number as the search title


* Crash when launching Photos application after restoring from memory card
* Slideshow doesn’t work after used device for a while



* Maps:”My position” and “My place” are translated into the same Chinese


* E-mail username truncated causes problem with login
* Adding new number from SMS to existing number in ADN causes corruption


* Download client doesn’t work with certain operators WAP APN

Other Changes:

* Java platform version number not updated in IAD
* Widget installer plugin cannot be upgraded
* Removing battery during alarm makes the device unusable
* Stub sis file doesn’t include httptransfer component
* Paths are incorrect in cenrep creation file (Naviscroll and FMTX affected)
* Internal Debugging tool wrongly included in Production SW
* Device cuts off URL parameter in RTSP streaming link
* Delivery via Device Management corrupts EAP-FAST PAC file
* TCK failure with HTTP and AMR Combination
* SpaceUI doesn’t allow for changes when a default number is assigned in Phonebook
* Display corrupts with 3rd party application BestCalc

Bugs/missing features already found:

*Will not let you enter the Date and Time settings, instead going back to the main menu
*Will not let you enter settings for the alarm Clock, instead going back to the main menu (related to the Date and Time above)
*Carousel menu by pressing that small silver key is still inconsistent, sometimes appears with scroll bar and performance is still slow
*Still no N-gage client within firmware

So people out there back up your data and start updating your N78.

Author: Team FoneArena

A team of mobile geeks