Royal Wedding iPhone4 Giveaway – and the winners are?

Last weekend, approximately 2 billion people around the world witnessed the marriage of Prince William and his beautiful wife Kate Middleton. An event that certainly goes down in history, and even I took work aside and watched the happy couple.

We here at Fone Arena, together with the great people of Proporta, Designer & manufacturer of award winning gadget accessories since 1996, got together and prepared a nice little giveaway for all of our fans, the Royal Wedding Giveaway! We asked you to recommend a phone for William and Kate, with the funniest or most original comments winning one of four special design iPhone4 cases by Proporta.

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This Valentine’s Day gift your lady a handset

“Handsets are the new flowers” says a leading Mobile company in Canada. At Fonearena, we couldn’t agree more…


There are several handsets that companies have launched exclusively for the ladies.

The Levis handset that targets girls, LG Shine and Sony Ercisson W580i, apart from the range of Moto handsets that are available in PINK colour.

For Indian buyers, L310 and L320 from Samsung are a good pick. So is the Nokia Prism.

So all you gentlefolk out there, gift your lady a handset this Valentine’s Day and make a lasting impression.

Mobile Innovations of 2008 winners announced

I never knew that Users would expect so much out of their mobile phone before kicking of Free Recharge contest where we asked the users 1 simple question. What feature would you like to see in your mobile phone in 2008 ?

We got about 65 Responses from users who had patiently written about the features which they would like to have in their mobile phone in 2008.

We really had a tough time picking the winners. Most ideas were good and we could not eliminate users easily. So we have picked 10 Users at Random as winners.

Congrats to the winners and A Big Thanks to all the participants.

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Need a Christmas Gift idea? The iDiamond Ear is here!

The strains of Madonna’s famous song, “We are living in a material world” have never sounded so real ever before.

Diamond studded jewellery is passé. So are diamond studded watches. The latest ‘jewellery’ to entice the who’s who of the world will be the ‘iDiamond Ear’.

A new earphones set designed by Heyerdahl Jewellery from Oslo, Norway, this diamond studded masterpiece is made of 18 karat gold, set with a total of 204 diamonds, with a total carat of 1.65.

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