How to setup an ad-hoc WiFi network on your laptop for any Android phone without root


After some digging and going though a lot of paid apps to share WIFI hotspot, I have stumbled upon a very simple way to share your Laptop WIFI as ad hoc (Infrastructure mode) and use it on any Android phone without having to root and install a custom ROM that supports ad hoc like CyanogenMOD.

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[How To] Enable MTP in Linux for Android 4.0 and above

Google introduced MTP with Android 4.0, mainly because that used a single partition for the internal storage and also this enabled the usage of secondary storage even when it was being used by the PC and contents are being transferred. MTP works really well in the windows platform basically because of the drivers available. It is a real problem to use MTP on computers with any O.S other than Windows. Thanks to the guys at XDA who have come up with a solution. This guide will help all the Linux users out there to set up MTP on their computers.

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[Guide] Root the Galaxy S III Mini

Galaxy S III Mini is a device for those people who do not like a very huge phone lik the Samsung Galaxy S III, and if you are one of the users of the Mini and are looking to root your device, then look no further, you can finally root your phone using the following guide, thanks to the guys at XDA.

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Set up user agent to desktop mode on Chrome for Android

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers for Android in the play store right now, its sleek, easy to use and integrates well with all our devices. The only problem in Chrome is that you can permanently set the user agent to desktop mode, instead there is an option to Request desktop site. For some people it is really irritating to open the options tab and select request desktop site all the time, so those people can follow this guide to open all the websites in desktop mode permanently.

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[Guide] Manually update your Nexus 7 to Android 4.1.2

Google just dropped Android 4.1.2 for the Nexus 7 and Galaxy Nexus a few days back, bust some people still haven’t got the update. This method will help you manually update your Nexus 7 to Android 4.1.2

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[Guide] Reverting back to old Android market

I installed the latest Android market as soon as it was leaked on XDA, at first glance it did look good, but later I missed the old Android market, not only because I was used to it, but I use EDGE and it takes forever for Android market to load while using it, it opens fast enough when I am using Wi-Fi, but I am always travelling and keep downloading new applications so I decided to revert back to the old Android market, and thought that you guys must be going through the same, so I decided to write a guide about it.

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Google Nexus One receives Android 2.3.6 OTA [Instructions to manually update]

Google Nexus One which is also known as the grand father of Android phones and Google’s first Nexus device get’s updated to Android 2.3.6. Last update which Nexus officially received was of Android 2.3.4, now Google has decided to skip 2.3.5 and jump directly to 2.3.6. Well I have not updated my Nexus One yet as it is on CyanogenMod and I am sure they will be including Android 2.3.6 in their next nightly. The update does not have anything in particular except dome bug fixes. Follow the instructions below to manually update if you haven’t received the update yet.

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1 click root released for Motorola Droid 3

I heard that many people were having problems with the manual rooting method for Droid 3, but now the Droid 3 owner don’t have to worry about rooting their devices as a very simple 1 click rooting method has already been released by  and Framework43 and psouza4. Currently this method is only for the people with Windows PC.

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Guide to flash Android 2.3.4 DarkyROM2 for Samsung Galaxy S2

Android 2.3.4 was leaked for the Samsung Galaxy S 2 just yesterday and already the custom ROMs have shown up. This particular ROM is DarkyROM2 with version XXKG1 which is Android 2.3.4. This is just the stock ROM which has been deodexed. So if you won the SGS 2 and wish to use Android 2.3.4 leaked ROM then you can follow the procedure below.

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Guide : Motorola Atrix Bootloader Unlocked

Atrix was the first device by Motorola to come out with a dual core processor. The only problem with this device was that it came out with Android 2.2 Froyo coupled with a locked bootloader. There is good news for all the Atrix users, Motorola will be rolling out a Gingerbread update soon which will also include unlocked bootloader. This gingerbread update was leaked by the guys at Xda developers. Also the bootloader was unlocked. If you have the Atrix and want to unlock the bootloader then you can follow this simple guide. This works on both Gingerbread and Froyo.

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Reminder: Bring Dropbox to your Symbian Device in 5 easy Steps!

Lately I’ve seen a lot of people complaining about the lack of a dedicated Dropbox Application for Symbian. Sure it would be nice to have one, as the apps on both, Android and iOS are really well done. but it seems most people don’t know that you can have a much much better way to browse your files on Symbian than the mobile web app. What better than having Dropbox integrated directly into the Filemanager? It’s easy, it’s free (if you have a free Dropbox account) and its very fast to setup! And here’s how its done: Continue reading “Reminder: Bring Dropbox to your Symbian Device in 5 easy Steps!”

HOWTO : Upgrade to iPhone 3.0 on your Unlocked iPhone

The iPhone 3.0 Software is releasing on June 17th. Thats not too far but the firmware is already out on the interwebs. This guide is meant only for folks who are comfortable hacking their iphones.

We tested this guide on a iPhone 2G which was running version 2.1 firmware. Now its running version 3.0 and still remains unlocked. We had some issues with the upgrade and the phone got bricked a couple of times.

The Steps

  • Backup your iPhone using iTunes first . Would be useful just in case you wish to restore data.
  • This process will format your phone memory . Make sure to save all important stuff and make a not of apps installed.
  • You will need a Pwned version of the iPhone firmware before you restore to the 3.0 firmware.
  • Get iTunes 8.2 . Previous versions wont work !

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Guide to Survive on Low Mobile Phone Battery

Do you remember that moment when you were expecting an important phone call or that SMS from your friend .. Or you are stuck in traffic and try to browse the internet ..  and you phone screen shows the Low Battery Sign .. Damn irritating isnt it ?

Well I myself end up on a low battery on my phone and curse myself when the phone switches off ..

We all charge our mobile phones daily or once in a couple of days .. Well that is the battery life of most phones in the market. Sometimes you might forget to charge your mobile phones and you might not have access to a charger.
I wrote this Guide so that you can Survive on Low Battery for a longer duration .. Your phone would eventually die due to lack of power but some tips to help you squeeze that last electron from the Lithium Ion Cell ..

Configure Gmail On Your Mobile Phone

Here is the short tutorial which allows your to configure Gmail Account on N95: (IMP: You must enable POP3 access of Gmail Account. Hint:Look inside Setting and POP forwarding Options on gmail web site)

  1. Open Messaging Application
  2. Goto Mail box. It asks you ‘No mailbox defined. Define now?’, Choose Yes.
  3. Mailbox setup wizard will start. Press start to continue
  4. Mailbox Type choose POP3, Press Next
  5. On next screen type your email address (IMP: press the Pencil Key and highlight your email address then press Copy. This will save you typing)
  6. Press Next
  7. Enter as Incoming mail server, Press Next
  8. Enter as Outgoing mail server, Press Next Continue reading “Configure Gmail On Your Mobile Phone”