[Guide] Reverting back to old Android market

I installed the latest Android market as soon as it was leaked on XDA, at first glance it did look good, but later I missed the old Android market, not only because I was used to it, but I use EDGE and it takes forever for Android market to load while using it, it opens fast enough when I am using Wi-Fi, but I am always travelling and keep downloading new applications so I decided to revert back to the old Android market, and thought that you guys must be going through the same, so I decided to write a guide about it.

Well there are three ways to go back to your old Android market, follow the methods below:

Method  1:

I tried this method but when I rebooted my phone the new market was back. So go through this procedure if you are looking to download something fast and need old Android market quickly.

  • Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Select to view All > Go down to where your Android market is and select it
  • Now inside the Market settings select “Uninstall updates”
  • Follow the prompts and press OK
  • Press home and open Android Market
  • It will show you a screen with the Android market terms and conditions, Accept it
  • Wait till it loads and takes you into the old Android market

Method 2:

I read this method somewhere, did not actually do it, but thought of sharing.

  • Download an application called aTrackDog from here
  • After installing the application, open it up and uninstall Android Market from it
  • Switch off your phone and turn it back on, Now you will be able to see the old Android market

Mthod 3:

This is the procedure which I performed though I never rebooted my phone after doing it so I am not sure whether the new market comes back or not.

  • Download Market.apk and updater.apk
  • Copy both these application to the root of your SD card (Not in any folder)
  • Using Root Explorer application mount system as RW
  • Open the folder named app inside the system folder
  • Delete applications with filename “Vending.APK” and “MarketUpdater.APK”
  • Now go into the folder named data inside a folder named data (Yes I know)
  • Delete files “com.android.vending” and “com.android.vending.updater”
  • After doing the above procedures switch off the phone and switch it back on
  • Reopen Root Explorer application and again mount file system as RW
  • Now copy the file named “Updater.APK” from your SDcard to /System/app
  • Switch off and switch on your phone again
  • Again remount the file system as RW
  • Now this time copy “Market.APK” from SDcard to /System/app
  • Reboot the phone and now you will have the old Android market, Enjoy.