iPhone OS 4.0 Expected Features

Apple recently launched the iPad in the US and now they have announced an press event in which they are going to preview the “the future of iPhone OS”. Apple will preview the iPhone OS 4.0 at the event which will start within few hours. If you are excited to know whats new in the iPhone OS 4.0, then check out the complete list of expected features below.

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Download Aardvark Mobile iPhone App for Free, Uses Push Notifications

We just heard from the folks at Aardvark that they have launched their mobile iPhone app and its available for free on the App Store. Whats Aardvark  ? Its a cool IM based Social Search application where users share their expertise for free. You can  either Ask or Answer questions from your friends or other users. This used to work over Chat but now they have extended their offerings with a cool iPhone app which brings almost all the features of Aardvark to your iPhone / iPod.


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Download the Official Flickr iPhone App for Free now

image Flickr has just released their official native app for the iPhone platform. Its a free app available for download on the App Store. If you are a flickr user and love photography , We are damn sure that this app is a must have.

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Download Facebook for iPhone 3.0 Soon

A new Facebook application has been launched for iPhones running OS version 3.0. The man behind the application is Joe Hewitt. The application has just been submitted to the Apple App Store and should be available for download pretty soon. Continue reading “Download Facebook for iPhone 3.0 Soon”

Download iPhone 3.0 Software update for your iPhone Now ! Its Official

It’s official ! Finally after a long wait the official downloads of iPhone 3.0 are being rolled out as we speak.Saw this in my iTunes just now. I have added direct links in case you wish to download the software using your download manager.Remember you gotta have iTunes 8.2 to run this update.

Also this is the official update and it will brick all your jail broken phones.So those of you who have Pwned , or Jail broken phones you might need some Yellow Sn0w or Red Sn0w. Please wait ! For the offical firmware links get them after the jump

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Apple iPhone 3.0 Software Update Screenshots and Camera Samples

I was lucky to get iPhone 3.0 running on a  first gen iPhone. Here are some screen shots and camera samples of the phone running 3.0. Cut Copy Paste has finally appeared.Some users are also reporting better battery life on the 3.0 firmware. One cool feature is Shake to Undo Redo typing . There are close to 100 pictures in this gallery and I have tried to show most of the updates present in the new firmware. If I have missed anything let me know !

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HOWTO : Upgrade to iPhone 3.0 on your Unlocked iPhone

The iPhone 3.0 Software is releasing on June 17th. Thats not too far but the firmware is already out on the interwebs. This guide is meant only for folks who are comfortable hacking their iphones.

We tested this guide on a iPhone 2G which was running version 2.1 firmware. Now its running version 3.0 and still remains unlocked. We had some issues with the upgrade and the phone got bricked a couple of times.

The Steps

  • Backup your iPhone using iTunes first . Would be useful just in case you wish to restore data.
  • This process will format your phone memory . Make sure to save all important stuff and make a not of apps installed.
  • You will need a Pwned version of the iPhone firmware before you restore to the 3.0 firmware.
  • Get iTunes 8.2 . Previous versions wont work !

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Apple iPhone 3.0 Software Update working on Vodafone India

iPhone 3.0 Software update is coming out on June 17th . We could not wait till then, so we decided to take the plunge and get the 3.0 firmware running on our 1st Gen iPhone and we were pleased to find a a lot of changes to the iPhone OS. Here’s the proof that the Phone is running the v3 of the OS.

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Introducing another Apple iPhone 2009 Rumour – iPhone Video

Some Anonymous source used the contact form on the blog and sent me a pic of what looks like the Apple iPhone 2009. Its not credible . I have never heard from the this guy before. So for now this is another rumour of the next gen iPhone.

You might be interested in the leak of the next gen ipod and iphones

The iPhone 3.0 was  last spotted in hong-kong

The next gen iPhone is expected to be called the iPhone video with TUAW reporting this .

AT&T also upgraded their networks recently to support hi-speed video calling.

Apple iPhone 3.0 spotted in Hong Kong

The iPhone rumors just don’t stop coming . This time the rumor is accompanied by blurry pictures of the iPhone 3.0 spotted in Hong Kong. We have seen a lot of these features in the iPhone 3.0 software. It’s not clear if these were taken with a iPhone running the software or whether its the upcoming phone itself. There are no pictures of the body of the phone .

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Possible 5th Gen Apple iPod and 3 iPhone Variants Leaked

According to iLounge , the specs of the next gen iPhone and 5th Gen iPod have been leaked.

5th Gen Ipod

The ipod is illustrated above.

Major changes

  • Wider Screen means change in aspect ratio(in landscape mode) , good news for all those cursing the 4th gen nano.
  • Inbuilt Camera on the back – We guess VGA or 1.3 MP
  • No touchscreen
  • Smaller click wheel

Next Gen iPhone Rumors getting stronger

With the days nearing to the WWDC event the rumors just don’t stop coming.

iPhone 3.0

  • Expected in 2 storage options (32GB and 64 GB )
  • Might be 3 new variants ex:the nano, pro and pro extreme (for apple fanboys)
  • We might finally get a cheaper iPhone as its the worst selling phone in India due to the insane price
  • But the models for the various countries will be decided by apple.
  • Macrumors reported that China is getting a Matte plastic iPhone


iPhone OS 3.0 hints Video Recording

The last of the very basic features missing from iPhone since its inception, seems to have been take care of in iPhone OS 3.0.

MacRumour suggests that the developer’s beta of iPhone OS 3.0 hints at a Video Recording feature in the upcoming iPhone 2009.

Among the other goodies to be present in the new iPhone are voice controls, more settings option, auto Continue reading “iPhone OS 3.0 hints Video Recording”

3.2 Megapixel Camera in upcoming Apple iPhone 3.0

Apple is one of the leaders in electronics, computers and most recently mobile phones. Most of you would have heard about iPhone. This phone is an internet connected smartphone that has multimedia capabilities. One of its main features is its multi-touch screen. The iPhone has many features including a camera , portable media player or ipod and an internet browser- safari.The iPhone was introduced to the public on June 29, 2007. One year later, they announced that there would be a new 3G version. The folks at Apple are constantly working to develop new and exciting features and models of this innovative mobile phone. Continue reading “3.2 Megapixel Camera in upcoming Apple iPhone 3.0”