Guide to Survive on Low Mobile Phone Battery

Do you remember that moment when you were expecting an important phone call or that SMS from your friend .. Or you are stuck in traffic and try to browse the internet ..  and you phone screen shows the Low Battery Sign .. Damn irritating isnt it ?

Well I myself end up on a low battery on my phone and curse myself when the phone switches off ..

We all charge our mobile phones daily or once in a couple of days .. Well that is the battery life of most phones in the market. Sometimes you might forget to charge your mobile phones and you might not have access to a charger.
I wrote this Guide so that you can Survive on Low Battery for a longer duration .. Your phone would eventually die due to lack of power but some tips to help you squeeze that last electron from the Lithium Ion Cell ..
1.Dont Use Vibrator/Silent Mode  choose Meeting mode instead
The Vibrator on the phone is nothing but a motor .. you are going to be consumer more power using it ..
Meeting mode on that other hand consumes less power as it just displays the alert and a small beep.
2.Reduce Display Brightness
Many phones give you the ability to change this setting .. Set it at the lowest possible value ..
3.Dont use Speakerphone
Avoid using Speakerphone /Handsfree as they tend to consume more power ..
4.Close Unwanted Applications
More apps means more processor activity .. what app do you want to use when you can barely make a call or send a message  .. act wisely
5.Stop the Music
Music via the ear phones or via speaker is a battery drainer ..  Even earphones is fine .. Speakers are a absolute No in times of crisis ..
6.Camera and Video Recording
Don’t turn on the Cam unless you want to kill the battery instantly ! if you have flash then its worse  ..
7.Turn off Wi-Fi Bluetooth and Infrared
These 3 are one the fastest routes to empty your battery … Refrain from using them .. If you need to use a Bluetooth Headset .. opt for a corded headset instead .
8. Turn Off when there is Poor Network Coverage / Roaming
If you keep searching for a Network when coverage is poor you are constantly draining your battery ..
Better turn of your phone or put it in Offline/Airplane Mode (new phones have this feature)
When you are travelling and are on Roaming .. you might drain battery faster ..
I saw it happen on a Train journey recently ..
9.Avoid calls from Moving Vehicles
Make calls when the Vehicle comes to a halt .. When youre moving your cellphone keeps switching towers .. so it might consume some extra power ..
10.Avoid playing games
Mobile Gaming is fun but its also drains the battery .. Games like snake are fine .. But if you’re playing NGage games on a low battery ..the fun might not last long ..
11.Close and Avoid unwanted Data Connections
if you have configured to download emails every 10 mins then disable it ..
Data connections such as GPRS and EDGE which are used while browsing or downloading use the Modem in the phone which is power hungry ..
12.Talk Less Message more
Keep your calls short .. and if needed convey the information via SMS ..
13.Lower Ringtone volumes or best .. mute it
Most users have the ringtone volume as maximum and the ringtone is so loud ..
This in turn consumes for power .. Keep your ringing volume and all alert tones at 1 or below ..
14.Switch off and turn on after few hours
This is not magic .. When your phone is ON , is consumes power and in turn drains the battery ..  When you turn if OFF then the power is not drained rapidly .. note that most phones have a standby time and this tip will work only for short periods of inactivity ..
15.Other Options
Well if nothing above works for you , the you can try one of the options below .
  • Carry a spare extra battery so that you can swap them when needed .
  • Some public places might have a Charging Station like at Railway stations and Airports .. be careful at such places and dont leave your phone unattended .
  • Carry another phone ( But remember to charge it )
The best possible way to make the most out your mobile phone battery is by charging it regularly before it drains completely . Also carry a charger with you if you are travelling .

Author: Varun Krish

Varun Krish is a Mobile Technology Enthusiast and has been blogging about mobile phones since 2005. His current phones include the Apple iPhone 13 Pro and Google Pixel 6. You can follow him on Twitter @varunkrish and on Google+ You can also mail Varun Krish