T-Mobile continues the revolution by making G2 official!

A few months ago, we saw the first shot of the T-Mobile G2, which is a successor to G1 and T-Mobile first HSPA+ device, and then the story continues and we saw more leak shots and other detail, but we all wait for the launch day, and now the day is finally here. Today, T-Mobile officially announced the T-Mobile G2, and the phone packs some good features like a 3.7-inch screen, full QWERTY keyboard, a 800 MHz s MSM7230 Snapdragon processor, 7 home screens, 5MP camera (LED Flash and Autofocus) with 720p video recordingHD video camera and support for a 32GB MicroSD card. It comes pre-installed with an 8 Gigger for those wondering. You can expect the launch of the G2 later this month, and you can also expect a price tag around $200. Check out the Press Release after the break: Continue reading “T-Mobile continues the revolution by making G2 official!”

T-Mobile G2 to be the first T-Mobile HSPA+ Android smartphone?

Recently T-Mobile announced that they will be launching their first ever HSPA+ device later this Summer, probably in September, and a few weeks ago, we came through the first shot of the T-Mobile HTC Vision, or G2 Continue reading “T-Mobile G2 to be the first T-Mobile HSPA+ Android smartphone?”

Cyanogen launches Android 2.2 ROM for G1 and MyTouch3G

If someone loves the G1 and MyTouch3G more than HTC and T-Mobile, then only one person, and his name is Cyanogen. Cyanogen is the guy who love making ROMs and hacking Android handsets, mostly G1 and MyTouch3G, and the reason he does that is because the manufacturer forgot to launch the update for the phone.

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Samsung Releases 1GHz CPU for Mobiles

Samsung and Intrinsity jointly announced the Hummingbird CPU which is based on the ARM® Cortex™-A8 processor architecture in 45 nanometer (nm) Low Power (LP), low leakage process technology. It is the fastest processor in the industry.

The processor is almost twice as powerful as the iPhone 3GS and Samsung OMNIA HD processors. It is also extremely power efficient and utilises a minimum supply voltage of 1V. Continue reading “Samsung Releases 1GHz CPU for Mobiles”

Get HTC Hero SenseUI Interface on T-Mobile G1

Well just recently HTC announced their Hero phone which has a unique SenseUI. The HTC Hero is the only handset at present featuring the HTC SenseUI. But some folks have managed to get the UI running on a Android phone such as the HTC Dream/T-Mobile G1. All you have to do is reflash your phone with the SuperHERO ROM. The ROM actually has a part of the HTC Hero’s firmware and the main thing is that Multi-Touch gets added.

Don’t you love the weather widget below ? Isn’t it a bit like Windows Mobile ?

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HTC Android Phones are coming soon to India

Seeing the loads of comments of our unlocked HTC G1 in action in India , I must say that a small fraction of users are using Google Android based phones in India. But its sad that its not officially available in India even after months after the global launch

There are 2 phones the g1 and the magic aka g2 which have been launched worldwide, but not in India Continue reading “HTC Android Phones are coming soon to India”

Google gives away Free HTC Magic Android Phones to Developers at I/O Event

If you are a Android Developer , you should have made it to Google’s Annual I/O Cconference at San Francisco.

Google is reportedly giving away free android phones to the developers attending the event .

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Download Google Android OS 1.5 Cupcake Now ! Tested and Working !

Some great news from Android users and especially G1 users .. You can now manually update your G1 with the latest firmware update and get a whole bunch of new features on your existing google phone

See the wonderful onscreen keyboard inside the browser .. love to use the phone without opening the slide-out keypad

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Pick of the winners at MWC: Nokia E71, BlackBerry Storm 9500 SurePress Screen etc

Several awards were given away at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress. Nokia made it to several categories as a winner.

The GSMA CEO’s Award for Outstanding Environmental Contribution – Nokia

The GSMA’s inaugural Green Mobile Awards recognised an overall sensitivity to, and contribution, to environmental leadership with this the first GSMA CEO’s Award for Outstanding award for an Overall Environmental Contribution.  The award went to Nokia. “It is an honour to accept this on behalf of the thousands of Nokia people who have made sustainable, environmentally sensitive practices an integral part of our day to day business. With more than a billion people using Nokia phones globally, we feel we have a responsibility to make a difference.”  He added, “Even in these tough economic times, environmental sustainability is not just the right thing to do, it is the only thing to do and makes good business sense,” said Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo, CEO of Nokia.  Continue reading “Pick of the winners at MWC: Nokia E71, BlackBerry Storm 9500 SurePress Screen etc”

HTC Magic G2 Google Android phone unveiled

HTC Magic is the successor the first Google Phone. Its a sleeker version of the G1 sans keyboard.

The second Google Android smart phone was unveiled at Barcelona this week jointly by HTC and Vodafone

Its the first touchscreen only android phone . yes its getting closer to the apple iphone .

Its got a great 3.2 inch 320×480 pixel touchscreen display .

It will feature the cupcake version of the android software and will have an onscreen keybord

Well all of you are curious when will the Google Phone a.k.a HTC G1 [specs] would arrive in India.

But the 2nd version of the G1 might come soon to India as the Magic is exclusive to Vodafone for now. Continue reading “HTC Magic G2 Google Android phone unveiled”

Open Handset Alliance adds 14 members including Sony Ericsson, Toshiba, and Vodafone

We are going to see a lot more Android based phones in the coming days as more and more Companies are joining the OHA or the Open Handset Alliance

The latest news its that 14 members have joined including Sony Ericsson , Vodafone and Toshibha

The statement says “New members will either deploy compatible Android devices, contribute significant code to the Android Open Source Project, or support the ecosystem through products and services that will accelerate the availability of Android-based devices.”

For instance it does not necessarilly mean SE will work on a Android device but their options are open

Palm and Motorola are doing really bad with handset sales .. should they just adopt Android and cut costs ?


The FoneArena G1 unboxing

We bring you the unboxing of the device and we are proud to be the first indian website to present the exclusive coverage of the phone to you

Here is the package contents of the HTC G1 or the first google android powered phone ..

The phone (obvious one )

Battery and charger

Stereo Headset

USB Cable

MicroSD Card .. 2GB

Carrying case

Tips and Tricks and Terms&conditions

We have some closeup shots of the phone and package and also a Video of the unboxing


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HTC T-Mobile G1 begins shipping

The “Google phone” – HTC T-Mobile G1 is being shipped as you read this.

The device is, of course, the first official device running on the Android platform. There were reports of about one million of the handsets on pre order. Their wait is finally over it seems.

The handset is currently locked in to T-Mobile. There is no word on the India launch or announcement of the carrier. Read Fonearena’s coverage of the same here.

Google Phone in India for 8200

The HTC G1 or the first Google Android phone has already sold 1 .5 million units (pre-orders)

Its priced at $179 in America and comes with a 2 year contract.

Reports suggest that HTC is in talks with Indian operators to bring the Google Phone to India for as little as Rs.8200 but reports also suggest that the handset could be priced as high as Rs.20000

Anyhow thats much cheaper than the Apple iPhone price which is Rs.30000 approx.

So all your users who felt disappointed or fooled by the iphone pricing .. are u listening ?

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