T-Mobile G2 to be the first T-Mobile HSPA+ Android smartphone?

Recently T-Mobile announced that they will be launching their first ever HSPA+ device later this Summer, probably in September, and a few weeks ago, we came through the first shot of the T-Mobile HTC Vision, or G2. G1 is quite an old phone now, and now it needs a good replacement, and the G2 is a great replacement.

AndroidandMe is reporting that the leaked HTC Vision will be T-Mo first HSPA+ device, and it’s currently running on stock Android 2.2 build (the G1 also runs on stock Android UI). The prototype is currently running on an 800 MHz processor, but as we know that all the latest devices are running on a powerful 1 GHz i.e Droid X, EVO 4G, Nexus One, Droid 2, I hope the G2 will come with a powerful processor too.

Hopefully, we will see the G2 in the first week of September. The G2 will be a true successor to the G1, and a lot of folks out there are waiting for it from a long time, and finally T-Mo listened to their prayers.

Please share your thoughts on it, Is the G2 a good successor to the G1?