Preview of T-Mobile G2

Folks over at Engadget were lucky enough to get their hands on the T-Mobile G2, which is about to come out next week. They found it over at BestBuy NYC holiday event, as we know that BestBuy is taking pre-orders for the G2. Engadget took some shots of it and also made a Continue reading “Preview of T-Mobile G2”

Android G1 to get official version update

The phone that brought Android to the forefront, T-Mobile G1 gets a second lease of life with confirmed reports of Android 2.0 or 2.1 update over-the-air for an eclair build.

The version of the update has not been clear but its atleast going to be Android 2.0, and if the owners are lucky they will get 2.1, the version which is running on Google Nexus One. Both the updates are to be done Over-The-Air (OTA).

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HTC G1 coming to India, shows up on Univercell’s site

As we had predicted before ,  the HTC G1 which we unboxed earlier is coming soon to India.

HTC might bundle the handset with an Airtel Connection like RIM does for BlackBerry. HTC also offers a few phones exclusively on Airtel. Univercell shows this phone as coming soon and its priced at Rs.25000 or 500 USD

This is an interesting price point as iPhone 3G , Omnia and Xperia are all more costly than G1

G1 is definitely not a phone you would buy for its looks .. But still these are the phones which are making the news these days .

Would you buy the G1 for 25000 ?

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HTC T-Mobile G1 begins shipping

The “Google phone” – HTC T-Mobile G1 is being shipped as you read this.

The device is, of course, the first official device running on the Android platform. There were reports of about one million of the handsets on pre order. Their wait is finally over it seems.

The handset is currently locked in to T-Mobile. There is no word on the India launch or announcement of the carrier. Read Fonearena’s coverage of the same here.

Google Android G1 annoucement Live from New York

Google , T-mobile and HTC are unveiling the Google Android G1 mobile handset rite now in New York

you can watch the presentation on the event’s annoucement website 

“No more rumors ” “no more pictures”

The handset is here

the team behind the first official google android handset

Is apple watching ?

iphone may get some serious competition now