T-Mobile G2 overclocked, breathtaking results

T-Mobile G2 comes with a powerful 800 MHz processor, but before the launch of the phone, people start complaining that the G2 comes with a slow processor, so today I have something for the people who complained. As you can see the image above, you can Continue reading “T-Mobile G2 overclocked, breathtaking results”

T-Mobile G2 to be the first T-Mobile HSPA+ Android smartphone?

Recently T-Mobile announced that they will be launching their first ever HSPA+ device later this Summer, probably in September, and a few weeks ago, we came through the first shot of the T-Mobile HTC Vision, or G2 Continue reading “T-Mobile G2 to be the first T-Mobile HSPA+ Android smartphone?”

HTC Vision – Desire with QWERTY Keyboard

It’s been a while since HTC launched Android phones equipped with a QWERTY keyboard. The HTC Desire, Legend, HD Mini all come without a hardware keyboard. But this time, the HTC Vision which is a Desire like handset but with a hardware QWERTY keyboard will start the trend again.

Continue reading “HTC Vision – Desire with QWERTY Keyboard”