Cyanogen launches Android 2.2 ROM for G1 and MyTouch3G

If someone loves the G1 and MyTouch3G more than HTC and T-Mobile, then only one person, and his name is Cyanogen. Cyanogen is the guy who love making ROMs and hacking Android handsets, mostly G1 and MyTouch3G, and the reason he does that is because the manufacturer forgot to launch the update for the phone.

And now Cyanogen has finally launched the long awaited CyanogenMod-6, which is Android 2.2 for G1 and MyTouch3G. Well, the Flash 10.1 is not included though everything else is working fine and fast. The new release is very fast, and you will feel the official Android 2.2 experience on your phone. The update also comes with SurfaceFlinger and Chrome to Phone feature. Some users will face force close problems while using the Android Market.

If you are interested then head over to the following link, and rock FroYo.

Via: Engadget