HTC Desire and Wildfire coming to India in July ?

The HTC Desire is still not available in India. The company had planned to launch it in May but we don’t know what happened. But we are hearing fresh news that the Desire is coming along with the Wildfire in July

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Picture Gallery + Comparisons: HTC Desire

Another Picture Gallery for you today, this time i got my hands on a brand new HTC Desire (thanks Richard!). I will not review this Device since it is not mine, but I had it in my hands for around 15 minutes some time ago, and i must say, that if someone asks me for a decent Android Device, my answer is, within the blink of an eye, the HTC Desire. That is of course as long as the Evo 4G is not available here in Europe.

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HTC Wildfire Promo Video

The Wildfire leaked first and then it was announced officially and it looked pretty much like a mini Desire. Now here is a promo video which highlights the features of the phone, The features highlighted are Social Networking using Friend Steam, Caller ID and App Recommendations .

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HTC Desire getting Android 2.2 FroYo on June 23rd ?

The is a  fresh rumor that the HTC Desire might get the latest android update aka FroYo on June 23rd. We know HTC is already working on bringing the update to all HTC android devices sold in 2010.

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HTC Desire Tons of Pics

Here are tons of pics of the HTC Desire running on Android 2.1 . The Desire is expected to be launched in India really soon and we bring you new exclusive pics of the Phone. The Desire hasa 3.7 inch AMOLED display and a optical trackpad. It has 3 physical keys below the screen. Continue reading “HTC Desire Tons of Pics”

Google Nexus One vs HTC Desire – Photos

We have seen the Google Nexus One and the HTC Desire separately. Now we found a photo gallery which shows both these Android phones side by Side. As you can see in the pics, the HTC Desire sports the famous HTC Sense UI which is missing on the Nexus One. Also the trackball on the N1 is replaced by the optical trackpad on the Desire. Also the touch sensitive keys on the N1 get physical keys on the Desire. We know a lot of users might prefer the Desire over the N1 from our previous coverage. But we ask again Nexus One or Desire ? Continue reading “Google Nexus One vs HTC Desire – Photos”

HTC Desire Launching in India in May

The HTC Desire might be launching in India in the last week of May according to a reply from HTC Customer Care.

The Price has not been revealed but we expect it to be between Rs.25-30000. And this might actually bring the 1 GHz Android Power to the hands of Indian consumers

Full text from HTC below

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Photo Gallery : HTC Desire Pics

Here are some awesome pics of the upcoming HTC Desire from my buddy Centrinos ! This photo gallery shows how sexy Android phones can be. And the Desire is pretty a Nexus One in the specs department.We already brought you a hands-on video straight from MWC 2010 along with a pics of the new HTC Trio. Now sit back and enjoy the picture of the Desire with a 1GHz CPU and Android 2.1 plus the famous HTC Sense UI !

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HTC Desire Price Revealed, Arriving on April 1

The HTC Desire was announced at MWC 2010 and we  brought you live pictures of this monster which is powered by a 1GHz CPU and features a 3.7 inch AMOLED Display.

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Hands-On the HTC Legend, Desire and HD2 Mini from MWC2010

HTC Corporation, the Taiwan based mobile phone manufacturer announced
three new smartphones at the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona,
Spain. The phones were revealed to a packed press audience by HTC’s
President and CEO Peter Chou. Team FoneArena brings you a detailed
hands-on experience on all the three phones. Continue reading “Hands-On the HTC Legend, Desire and HD2 Mini from MWC2010”