Photo Gallery: Fujitsu’s Tegra 3-powered Quad Core Smartphone

We’re back from the Fujitsu booth with some fresh photos from Fujitsu’s unnamed Arrows Quad Core Smartphone, which undoubtedly captured our attention. A look at the specifications list shows the reason why, as it’s simply one long list of the latest must have features in Android smartphones!

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HTC One V Photo Gallery

And here’s the third of HTC’s three new devices introduced this monday at MWC’12, the HTC One V. Undoubtedly inspired by the HTC Legend, the One V is the essential one! Unfortunately, there were no working devices on display, so weren’t able to test Android 4.0 with Sense 4 on it, but we still managed to get some photos of the hardware for you.

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HTC One S Photo Gallery

It was a good day for HTC this monday at Mobile World Congress, with the introduction of the One series of flagship devices. The HTC One S, this ultra-slim, 7,8mm Android device is the little brother of the One X, but that doesn’t mean Android fans will be getting less bang for their buck.

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HTC One X Photo Gallery

Here are some fresh new photos of the brand new HTC One X, HTC’s latest and greatest Android flagship phone. Equipped with a powerful 1,5Ghz Tegra 3 quad-core processor and 1 GB of RAM, this beats audio powered smartphone is setting out to attract users not only by pure specs, but also by looks.

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What’s on my Nokia Lumia 800 Windows Phone ?

I have been using Windows Phone for roughly 6 months now and yes, I really like it. WP, although not perfect, has some features that really got me. There is room for improvement, and I’m perfectly happy in going that route, watching it grow and evolute. After the rather mediocre HTC Trophy I’m now using the Nokia Lumia 800, which simply is the best Windows Phone out there, period.

One of the discussion points I have always faced, has been “but there are no apps on Windows Phone”. Well, i call it nonsense here. The Windows Phone Marketplace is constantly growing, and is getting filled with not only apps from the known brands, but also quality 3rd party applications, with some really cool ideas. Since people are still learning and are getting into Windows Phone since Nokia has joined the party, I thought it’d be a nice idea to put all my currently installed apps together, and wrap them up into a nice post. Ready? Here we go:

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Nokia Lumia 800 Gorilla Glass Test: Oh no, he did it again!

Remember when my good friend Stefanos Kofopoulos tortured the screen of the Nokia N8 in his famous video about a year ago? Well, Stefanos is at it again and sent over this video, where he puts the Gorilla Glass of Nokia’s first Windows Phone, the Lumia 800 through it’s paces. This video, posted over at his blog is not for the faint hearted though, Stefanos does not hold back, scratching all over the display with keys, coins and even a Swiss Army knife! I don’t know about you, but those scratching sounds just made me cringe. Horrible stuff. What happens to the display you ask? Check out the video after the break and make sure to watch in full HD for full proof and enjoy!

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Nokia World 2011 – a late recap

It was this time of the year again, where the heart of every Nokia Fan beats a little bit faster. Nokia Enthusiasts, bloggers, journalists and many more took the trip to London, to join Nokia and see what they have been up to. Same as last year, Nokia World has again been held at the Excel Center in London. I was lucky enough to get an invitation from the awesome people at Nokia Connects and Stephanie from Nokia Austria, and that itself made sure for a fun ride! This years showcase of everything Nokia promised to be a big one, with Windows Phone finally arriving in the form of something we can get our hands on, and since I’m a firm believer in the partnership between Microsoft and Nokia, I can’t say I wasn’t excited to finally get over there and see what the Finns are up to. Keep in mind, this will not be an in-depth analysis of what happened at the keynote, nor will i deep dive into the handsets (that will come later on), what you’re about to read were my personal experiences, and how it felt to be part of the event. Ready? Read on..

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Metrotube for Windows Phone – Video Walkthrough

Last week I finally got a trial Nokia Lumia 800, thanks to the great people at Nokia Connects (former WOM World). Since we already have a full review by our Jon Choo up, I’ve decided to bring you bits and pieces about it, instead of a second full blown review. So in the upcoming weeks you’ll find a lot more content and thoughts about the Lumia 800 here on Fone Arena! As a little preview to my upcoming “What’s on my Windows Phone”-post, I’ve decided to do a little video walkthrough of one of my favourite apps on WP, and that’s Metrotube, by Lazyworm Apps.

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Nokia N9 Review – a Swipetastic Device from Finland

It’s been a week since I picked up my (test-) Nokia N9 from the kind of folks of Grayling, an agency for Nokia Austria in Vienna. Of course, I was not too anxious to get it in my hands as soon as possible, i just wanted to save them some money for the delivery 😉 In this week I have tried and tested almost everything possible, and to give you a first conclusion of what i think: I love the N9. This is no fanboy rubbish or something like that, I simply speak as an honest, independent blogger, who has tried Android, Windows Phone, Symbian and even iOS. The N9 does not have the most powerful processor, it does not have the most Megapixels and thank god not the biggest display. It’s a smartphone with solid hardware, and the one thing Nokia needs so desperately: a decent OS. Yes, I know the whole story around Meego’s end before it really started, however, this is not subject of this review. For now, let’s have a look at what the N9 has to offer and what you can expect from it!

Nokia N9 front

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Nokia N9 Video Recording Samples – Autofocus Action

The Nokia N9 has added a lot of new features to the Nokia smartphone range. Of course, it’s the first Meego device, and with Meego comes an almost unknown wind of freshness. One feature I’m particularly proud of though, is the enhanced video capturing capabilities. I have been using the N9 for 5 days now, absolutely love it to bits, and the new video features just add to the fun. The Nokia N9’s 8 Megapixel camera is shooting videos in 720p HD resolution at 30fps, and now finally features a very nicely working Autofocus while shooting video! As opposed to the Nokia N8, the N9 also seamless switches to Macro functionality, bringing your world up close. The one thing i love the most though, is touch to focus while shooting video. Since the N9 has no hardware camera button (which is a point not everyone might like), the whole focussing business happens directly on your display, so a decent touch AF system was the next logical step – and it’s my pleasure to report that Damian Dining, Nokia’s camera mastermind and his crew have done just that. I know this might be already present in other devices, however, it’s a well needed addition for the Nokia N9 camera, and it works oh so fine! How nice? Here are 5 short video samples, showing you what’s up:

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Video: Nokia N9 unboxing

Nokia N9 front

Yes indeed, it is finally here in my hands: Nokia’s long awaited first (and hopefully not the last) Meego Smartphone, the Nokia N9! I got my test device for the upcoming weeks this Friday, thanks to Nokia Austria, enduring a rainy trip to Vienna just to get it as soon as possible! I did not waste much time and proudly present to you now, the unboxing of the georgeous 3,9″ Touchscreen device – a true pleasure for me, as i hope it is for you! Enjoy, and if you have any questions, leave them in the comments and I’ll answer them as soon as possible!! Watch the video after the break!

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Nokia World 2011 – Five steps to do it right!

I have been a supporter of Nokia ever since i have started using mobile phones. I guess everyone knows about the enormous downswing Nokia has experienced the last couple of years, when they basically slept when every trend was born and then tried to keep up with some rather unspectacular attempts. Even the current crop of Symbian phones can not keep up with the pace of the mobile world. Those may be harsh words, but it is as it is, and I am saying this as a long time supporter. However, the absolut lowest point in Nokia’s history was reached at the infamous February 11 keynote. Not because of the Windows Phone/Microsoft partnership announcement, it’s more the way that everything about that keynote felt last minute. Poorly executed. Poorly communicated. Poorly translated by media and blogs. And then an even worse follow-up. The end of Nokia predictions and announcements have been following, as usual. Of course, every one with an IQ higher than a glass of mustard did not buy into this, without even seeing it all play out. Average Joe on the street however, will believe those reports, and will stop buying Nokia phones because of this and that .. that is, if he didn’t jump ship already!


Nokia World 2011 is just around the corner and since I can’t make it this year, I thought I at least wanna send some hopes and wishes in Nokia’s directions. I feel like this year’s Nokia World is a very important, if not THE most important one in history, simply because there’s so much at stake. If done right, this could be the start of Nokia’s race back to the top. Sure, it won’t be easy, but it’ll be a good start. I am not sure if those are the right points to bring Nokia forward, but in my humble opinion they are:

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Nokia N8 strikes again – amazing Timelapse Video from Austria

We all know about the Nokia N8’s amazing camera capabilities, right? It may not be the most user-friendly device (well, at least not until Symbian Belle comes out), but the superb build quality and the main aspect of the Nokia N8, the camera, have always spoken for it! Those two aspects are also the reason why i always carry one with me. I always try and find a place somewhere in my bag, just to have it with me, be it as backup device on a long day or as my camera for quick snapshots!

You see, there’s quite some love in the air for the Nokia N8, and apparently it is the same with a user called Sascha, who I found via the Nokia Austria Facebook page. Equipped with Camera Pro, Sascha has created a Timelapse Video, that I like so much, I just had to share it! Camera Pro, written in Qt by another fellow austrian, enables the user to access and use a more professional side of the Nokia N8 camera, like an 11x digital zoom, RAW jpg, video recording with 30fps and REAL video autofocus! Another feature of Camera Pro is a Timelapse function, which Sascha used to produce a whooping 1.552 pictures, and merge it all together to make one awesome video of it. Without further adue, enjoy the video!

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We want Mugen Batteries for our Nokia N8!



We here at Fone Arena are big fans of Mugen Power Batteries, this uprising company from the east, providing us power-hungry geeks with more juice for all our favourite devices, most notably batteries for smartphones. Over at the Mugen Website you will be able to find extended batteries for all types of smartphones, most of them even having two options offered. Normally Mugen would have one OEM-sized version, and a bigger battery, with imense power (for example an insane 4.800mAh battery for the Motorola Atrix!). If you want to know more about the actual performance, check out Jon’s review from a couple of days ago, where he had a look at the Motorola Milestone 2 battery! Continue reading “We want Mugen Batteries for our Nokia N8!”

Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc Review Part 2 – where it fails!

If you have read the first part of my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc review, you have seen that there is a lot to like about the Arc. Be it the super thin body, the very good camera, the probably best LCD display i have seen in quite some time, or the up-to-date Android, I am sure the Arc will appeal to a lot of people and sell quite well. However, as you know from my reviews, where there is good stuff, there will be bad as well, and after 2 weeks of day-by-day usage, i unfortunately have to come up with some things i wasn’t so happy about! So let’s cut right to it, shall we?

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