Thoughts from Hell: The Nokia N8

I was begging, swearing, crying and whatnot for Nokia to finally bring out a REAL successor to the holy Nokia N82 for a loooong Time. You know i love my N82. It’s what i call a real Photography Flagship. A fantastic 5 Megapixel Camera with Charlie Zeiss inside, and most importantly, a Xenon Flash. Maybe you read my Top 9 Phones in 2009 Post, over at my Thoughts from Hell Blog, to get the Idea where the Love comes. I still use it whenever i go on the Road and know i might be able to snap some quick Pictures. The N86 came out and i never even touched it. Why? Simple, not much Innovations. It was a prettified N85 with an 8MP Camera on Top, with a Dual LED Flash. On a so called Photography Flagship. I do know the N86 has made some pretty darn well Pictures, but i can’t go along with the Term “Flagship” on a Device that sports nothing really innovative. I only had my Hands on one shortly and never even thought about trialing one.

And then came the N8. Silently announced on Tuesday, April 27th, it raised a lot of Eyebrows with a Series of fantastic new Features and great Specs. And in my Opinion, it also looks great. My following Points are made entirely of what i saw on the Internet so far – I did not see the N8 in the wild so far. Continue reading “Thoughts from Hell: The Nokia N8”

What speaks for the Sony Ericsson X10 ?

The Sony Ericsson X10 – a stylish, rather big Smartphone, that is supposed to save Sony Ericsson from a possible Disaster. At least thats how i felt, when i went to the Press Conference in Vienna, Austria in November 2009. I was lucky enough to score an Invite from their Press Department, and after seeing first Videos on the Internet i was .. excited? nervous? drooling? Pick whatever you like.

I had a very short Hands on Time with an early Prototype back then and it felt good. The Software needed some more Work and there were some Things that made it feel like a Prototype, but now I’m back with a Retail Unit and yes, i was very eager to try it once again and see how it performs in real Life. I’m going to break the X10 down in another good Thing/bad Thing Series, with Observations I made in the Time i had it. I was told that the Requests of X10’s are extremely high, so I’ll try to make the very Best of the Time i have it.

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Photo Gallery – Sony Ericsson X10 Luster White + Comparisons !

A great Design, white Colour with some Chrome Accents, a gigantic 4″ capacitive Touchscreen with a 854×480 Resolution, a 8.1 Megapixel Camera, Android OS with a major overhauled Interface and much more. Is the X10 Sony Ericssons (literally) big Saviour? Will it hold up to the Expectations!?

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Picture Gallery – Nokia X6 16GB black Version!

Hey! I’m back with a brand new Picture Gallery, this Time i took some Pictures of the Nokia X6, which is Nokia’s next music-orientated Device.  I had the X6 for some Weeks now, thanks to Nokia Austria, and must say I really like it.

Nokia X6

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Pros and Cons – Sony Ericsson Vivaz

The Sony Ericsson Vivaz is a Device that certainly splits Minds. Some like it, some hate it with Passion. I see myself in the Middle, with a slight Drift into the Haters Side to be honest. I took this as a Reason and decided to do something my good Friend and highly respected female Blogger Rita El Khoury likes to do and do a List of Likes/Hates about the SE Vivaz!

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How good is the Camera of the Sony Ericsson Vivaz ? 8MP Photos, 720p Videos inside

Continuing my Series of the Sony Ericsson Vivaz Posts, I’d like to give you a bit of a closer Insight on the Vivaz Camera, which is the Heart, Soul and Marketing Argument on this Handset. Now I know that I’m far away from being a Photo Expert and most Details of the Specification List i simply don’t understand. However, i DO love to go out and snap Pictures and Videos of whatever comes into my Way and the Vivaz was no Exception.
sony ericsson vivaz camera

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The Sony Ericsson Vivaz in 160 Characters

Are you following me on Twitter? If not, its about Time, because then you would have known the Sony Ericsson Vivaz a lot better than you already do. I have been test-driving the Vivaz for the past 2 Weeks to find out the Things i like about it and which i hate about this Handset. So this little Overview about the Vivaz is brought to you twitter-style, each random Sentence in 160 Characters or less!

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Gallery: Sony Ericsson Vivaz

I know I promised you some more thoughts on E72 but due to Sickness and a superbusy last Weekend, i will skip Part 2 of the Nokia E72 Review and will continue with coverage of the Sony Ericsson Vivaz i recently got to put through it’s paces. Incase you want to know more about the Nokia E72 you can keep an eye on FoneArena. Well, without any further ado , here are some High Quality Pictures of Sony Ericssons Vivaz, the first SE Device to have 720p HD Video recording on board.

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Nokia E72 Review Part 1 – Hardware

Roughly a Week ago I was offered to trial a Nokia E72 by my good Friends of WOM World Nokia. Already having experienced the Awesomeness that was the Nokia E71, i was very eager to get my Hands its Successor. Filled in the Trial Form, sent it back to WOM World and here we go, the Adventure that is the E72 begins:

I received the Box on late Friday afternoon and went to work with it on Saturday Morning. After i first took the Device in my Hands i’ve decided to come up with a few Words to the Person who trialed the E72 before me: You’re in a very elite Group, Pal. You have the Privilege to get your Hands on one of Nokia’s latest Devices. The Handset came in a Condition that some of my 2 year old Phones not even look like. The Screen is scratched, some Corners look like they’re losing small Chips of Chrome the hard way. So in my Opinion the Device has been dropped and not at all been taken care of. If you don’t know how to treat a Test Device, you better leave them to People who do. Seriously, you don’t deserve it. Not cool.

nokia e72 face

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Video: Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 to be released with Android 2.0 ?

Something very very interesting popped up in my News Reader today: René, from the highly recommended german Website has attended the CeBIT recently and amongst some other latest Devices, such as the latest HTC Bangers Legend and Desire, he also had a play with the long-awaited Sony Ericsson Xperia X10. The interesting Part? Well, the Demo Girl confirmed to René that the X10 will indeed be released with Android 2.0 on it! The Demo Device had 1.6 on it and to be honest, I’m again not too impressed with what i was seeing. The Device was obviously still lagging and did not do the Overall Impressions any Favors.

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[Photo Gallery] Nokia E72

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