Mugen Power 6000mAh Battery Case for HTC One X Review

Android based smartphones are notorious for having not so great battery life. This can be due to the hardware combination as in the case of the HTC One X with its power hungry Tegra 3 processor or just because of heavy usage by the owner.


With that in mind, it is always a great idea to buy a spare battery or external battery pack but what do you do when you have a device like the One X without an interchangeable battery pack ? You look at Mugen for a solution. Famous for making a wide range of after market high capacity battery packs, they hooked us up with a unit for the HTC One X.


At the first glance you’ll notice just how massive the battery pack is. With a whopping 6,000 mAh of power it can power up the phone almost 3 times from scratch. We’ve been using the battery pack over the past few months to gauge real life usability and long term appeal. The Mugen battery pack for the HTC One X simply snaps on to the back of the handset.


The charging pins built into the pack and the provided on the back of the handset facilitate an easy connection and doesn’t require you to block the micro USB port.


Over at the back of the pack you’ll find the led indicators and a button to activate them. The leds indicate charging status and the amount of charge left. The battery pack is made of soft touch plastic that picks up a lot of scratches over time. In fact our only gripe with the unit was the not so great quality of plastics used. A matte finished hard plastic body would perhaps feel and look more premium.


Coming to battery performance itself, the unit lives up to its promise and delivers what its says on the box. The battery pack has got us out of many sticky situations where having that extra amount of juice was very helpful. At almost $100, it is definitely on the pricey side but if you need a battery pack that’ll get you through a day or more, this should be your top choice. The weight and size of the unit can be a bit daunting and just because of that, Mugen offers a 3000 mAh as well that has a much slimmer profile. You can take a look at the unit over at Mugen Power’s website by following the link.

Mugen Power 3000 mAh extended battery for Nokia 808 PureView review

The Nokia PureView 808 makes for a rather excellent multimedia centric device with a focus on creating rather than consuming. So if you’re out and about on a vacation and shooting with your 808, the last thing you need is a dead battery. While you could carry around a spare, this Mugen Power battery provides an extra 1700 mAh of power resulting in an astonishing 3,000 mAh of battery power for the already efficient Symbian based phone. Read on to find out about our experience with the Mugen Power 3,000 mAh extended battery for the Nokia 808 PureView.

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Mugen Batteries announces more juice for Galaxy S III and One X

In the endless search for battery life on our beloved smartphones, our friends from Mugen Batteries once again come to the rescue! This time, two of the most popular smartphones these days receive solutions for more juice throughout the day: HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III. As usual, every device will have two offerings, a regular sized model which will fit with the original back cover and a bigger, more powerful version with a bigger back cover. Let’s have a look:

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Love Confession: Mugen 1800mAh Extended Battery For HTC Desire Z, Incredible S, G2

One of the main issues of modern smartphones is battery life. The more we move ahead the more it seems that manufacturers are cramming juice draining features in their devices, and disregarding how long these last under normal usage. GPS, bigger screens, accelerometers, cameras, faster processors,…, all of these are aimed to enhance our mobility and yet cripple us a mere couple of hours afterwards as the dreaded “Battery Low” warning starts flashing in front of our eyes. Enter Mugen Batteries. I like to think of them as the modern day geek version of a knight in shining armor, riding on a white horse and whipping their swords to decapitate poor battery life all across the world.

A couple of months ago, I received the Mugen extended OEM-sized battery for the Desire Z for review. At the time, I was about to open my pharmacy, and move from spending most of my time at home, where power sources are abundant and time to charge is not a hindrance, to spending 12 hours a day working, plus more than an hour driving, and generally not really having the time to care about charging my phone except at night. My Desire Z had to be accessible, still running, whenever, wherever, as long as I was up. The Mugen extended battery had better step up to the challenge.

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We want Mugen Batteries for our Nokia N8!



We here at Fone Arena are big fans of Mugen Power Batteries, this uprising company from the east, providing us power-hungry geeks with more juice for all our favourite devices, most notably batteries for smartphones. Over at the Mugen Website you will be able to find extended batteries for all types of smartphones, most of them even having two options offered. Normally Mugen would have one OEM-sized version, and a bigger battery, with imense power (for example an insane 4.800mAh battery for the Motorola Atrix!). If you want to know more about the actual performance, check out Jon’s review from a couple of days ago, where he had a look at the Motorola Milestone 2 battery! Continue reading “We want Mugen Batteries for our Nokia N8!”

Mugen Power Battery Review

We at FoneArena are big fans of Mugen Power batteries. For those who doesn’t know, Mugen Power manufacturers third party replacement batteries for smartphones. Their speciality are batteries which retains the same size as the standard battery that comes with your phone; and the extended battery with twice the capacity and size. These extended batteries are popular among power users. However today I will be reviewing the normal sized replacement battery.

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Nokia N900 gets a 2400mAh Battery , available for pre-order

MugenPowerBatteries  have been in the business of making hi-capacity batteries for quite some time and they have been working on a battery for the Nokia N900 which ships only with a standard 1320 mAh battery. The stock battery lasts a day for average use but who does not love using a gadget for ever without charging ?

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