Teenage Girl Falls into Open Manhole While Messaging

According to CBS 2 News a Teenage Girl met with a rather weird accident . She fell into a Open Manhole when she was messaging while walking on the road.  There were no warning signs on the road according to the victim Alexa Longueira from New York City , USA. If its the state of affairs in USA , thinking about India. This incident comes as a wake-up call to Teenagers in India and SMS Addicts !

Its a common sight to see mobile users in India unaware about whats happening around them. Luckily Alexa was saved by a City worker from the 5 Foot deep hole and she’s doing fine. We have seen so many incidents of children falling into borewells in India.  So please act responsibly and don’t message / call while your driving or walking on the road.  Your SMS might be delivered but you might not reach your destination !

And these are the injuries Alexa suffered from the fall according to this pic from wpix and she is going to get a MRI Scan done to see if her spine was damaged.

Author: Varun Krish

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