Real Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard Live Pics

In case you feel the need for a full keyboard on your mobile phone and you don’t have that QWERTY keypad on your handset then this Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard might seem attractive to you !


The Device works over Bluetooth and an Infrared Beam .. You need to pair this device to your mobile phone as  a Bluetooth keyboard and you can place it on a flat surface  and Voila ! a full virtual keyboard at your disposal ..

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No ban on BlackBerry yet in India Phew!

I have been a Reliance user for the past few years and when I wanted to upgrade my handset, I opted for the BlackBerry.

I am exceedingly happy with the handset. Although it does look a bit plasticky, but the Push Inbox and the ease of internet access on the move is just extraordinary. (I mean on my way to the airport a few weeks ago, I did a web check-in as I was getting late reaching the airport thanks to traffic snarls).

Imagine my shock when I read in a news item that the Blackberry was going to be blacked out soon as the Indian Government perceived it as a security threat.


The government had asked Research in Motion (RIM) to provide them with access to algorithms required to decrypt BlackBerry messages latest by March 31st else face a total ban on the service in India.

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BPL Mobile Jukebox launched

BPL Mobile Jukebox, a mobile radio service that will allow its subscribers to listen to their choice of music while they are on the move was launched recently.


Your Jukebox will greet you in your preferred language and customise your music according to your choice. The Jukebox will keep a track of your preferred music according to category and choices. For instance, if you skip certain songs belonging to certain categories 5 times, the jukebox will not play them for you and will switch to another mood/category.

The genre of songs available will range from Ghazals to Bollywood, Devotional, Retro (English & Hindi) and Regional music.
The service will be available to both post-paid and pre-paid subscribers of BPL Mobile and also accessible on a basic entry-level Non-Data enabled handset. Continue reading “BPL Mobile Jukebox launched”

Aamir says, Jo Jeeta, Wohi Samsung

Few months back Nokia appointed Shahrukh Khan as their brand ambassador in India for their mobile phone business. Nokia being the number one player in India wanted to go with the Number 1 Khan. Samsung on the other hand didn’t want to settle for less and has roped in the other Khan who is Number 1 in his own ways. Aamir Khan has been appointed as the brand ambassador for Samsung mobile phones. Continue reading “Aamir says, Jo Jeeta, Wohi Samsung”

Sony Ericsson launches C702 and C902 Cyber-shot

While Sony Ericsson recently appointed Maria Sharapova as its global brand ambassador, it got tennis sensations Anastasia Rodionova (4th seed), Yaroslava Shevdova and Patty Schnyder to launch the Sony Ericsson C702 and C902 at the Sony Ericsson sponsored WTA Tour at Bangalore.


Sudhin Mathur, General Manager, Sony Ericsson India said, “This is our third consecutive year of participation in the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour event in Bangalore, and we are excited to have Anastasia Rodionova, Yaroslava Shevdova and Patty Schnyder with us to unveil these new Cyber-shot phones here in India today. The C702 and C902 both place ease-of-use and best-in-class picture quality at the heart of their design. Yet both appeal to different audiences. One is engineered to let you take more pictures in more places and the other is designed to look as stunning as the pictures it takes.”

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Samsung F110, or the Adidas miCoach launched

Samsung has partnered with Adidas to launch the Samsung F110, or the Adidas miCoach.

Equipped with a web-based analysis tool that can help you with your sport needs, the miCoach has a heart rate monitor, which makes use of a belt that measures your heart beat off your chest.


It also has the accelerometer and the pedometer, the phone gives you a real-time voice-coaching during workouts. The phone can also read out your current stats like time, calories, heart rate etc.

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Nokia N95 8GB Live Pics

I got a chance last week to play around with the Nokia N95 8GB phone !

The first thing tat grabs my attention in this phone is the awesome screen..

Dont you find the display impressive ? The feel of the phone was prerty similar to the N95 but it was slightly broader due to the increased screen size..

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Tata Consultancy Services to provide R & D to Nokia Siemens

India, long considered a country without adequate technical prowess especially in the filed of R&D is now set to break the myth.

Nokia Siemens Networks selected Tata Consultancy Services to provide R&D Services through partial transfer of Nokia Siemens Networks’ Development Center tasks in Düsseldorf, Germany.

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Levis Phone, Inspired by Denim

Levis_Phone.jpgLevis is always associated with jeans and cowboys getting hold of their cattle on the countryside. The company has recently ventured into other men and women accessory. With mobile phone becoming an important accessory of today’s urban individual Levis doesn’t want to be left behind on this front. Continue reading “Levis Phone, Inspired by Denim”

Thanks WOMWorld for the Cool Barcelona postcard


A big thanks to the folks at WomWorld , Amy,Frank and Robbie  for sending across a Barcelona postcard and memory stick with some promo material and some OVI stickers. I wanted to be at the Mobile World Congress Event at Barcelona this year but unfortunately could not make it . The Mobile World Congress Virtual Event was organized by WomWorld and gave me a glimpse of whats happening over there.

More Mobile offerings at Mobile Asia 2008 from Samsung – F490, SGH i550, SGH i780, F250, J210, SGH i450 and D880

Its party time for all Samsung phone fans in India . They recently unleashed more phones at Mobile Asia 2008 Samsung – F490, SGH i550, SGH i780, F250, J210, SGH i450 and D880


A multimedia phone with a 3.2-inch TFT screen with a complete touch user interface, a 5MP camera and HSDPA connectivity with killer good looks and svelte lines.

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Airtel launches Mobile Payment Services

In the wake of growing mobile VAS (value added services) market in India, Airtel has launched a range of mobile commerce solutions in India. For this Airtel has partnered with companies like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, SBI, Corporation Bank, VISA and mChek. Continue reading “Airtel launches Mobile Payment Services”

Samsung showing at Mobile Asia 2008 – Soul, Metal series, SGH G800, Serenata, Armani

Samsung showed off a lot of handsets from their platter, from lifestyle phones, to basic and low-end handsets at the Mobile Asia 2008

Samsung Soul

A slim, lightweight, stylish phone with features that adapt to the user depending on the application, the Soul is pure eye candy. With Magic Touch by DaCP, navigation indicators on the keypad change according to the user’s needs.


This 3G handset is equipped with professional photographic functions including a 5MP camera. It features music library navigation and a digital power amplifier.

Measurements of the Samsung Soul are 105.9×49.5×12.9mm. Continue reading “Samsung showing at Mobile Asia 2008 – Soul, Metal series, SGH G800, Serenata, Armani”