Tablets shipment cross 75million in Q4 2013, but growth slows down

In the latest report from IDC(International Data Corporation), tablet shipments have grown to 76.9 million in the last quarter of 2013. The 76.9 million number is a big increase of 62.4% over the previous quarter, but is a relatively small increase when compared to the sales during 2012 – an increase of 28.2% .

samsung-galaxy-tab-pro-hands-on2 Continue reading “Tablets shipment cross 75million in Q4 2013, but growth slows down”

Sony Ericsson Q1 2011 results are out

Sony Ericsson has reported the results for the first quarter of 2011. Smartphone sales account for 60% based on total sales in this quarter which has doubled compared to last year with the launch of new phones like Xperia Play, Xperia Arc and Xperia Neo. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson Q1 2011 results are out”

200,000 Android devices activated daily

The first Android powered phone which is known as the HTC Dream, also known as the T-Mobile G1 was launched by Google in 2008. 2 years are passed, and now Google Android OS is known as the one of the most successful and famous operating system. When Motorola and Verizon announced the Motorola Continue reading “200,000 Android devices activated daily”

More than 55% Android users are on Android 2.1

Android OS is known as the one of the famous and the fastest growing operating system. Google has revealed some new fresh details about Android OS. The new Android fragmentation details shows that 55% devices are now running on Android 2.1. The main reason of this rapid growth is Droid X, EVO 4G, Samsung Galaxy S, and Motorola Droid. Only 3.3% devices are running on Android 2.2, and at the moment only Nexus One is running Android 2.2.

Still more than 40% devices are running Android 1.5 and 1.6, which contains devices like Motorola Cliq, Xperia X10, Xperia X10 Mini etc. I hope that latest Android build for these devices will be out soon, and then in next fragmentation chart, we will see only few devices running on Android 1.5 and 1.6.

New Android version is rumored to be out in Q4, which is known as Gingerbread or Android 2.3, then we will see some good, latest, and more devices running it.

Have a look on the graph after the break:

Exclusive Video: Nokia N8 operated via Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse!

I’m sure you have already seen quite a lot of the Nokia N8’s Features. I managed to get my hands on it again, and to be honest, the release date can’t come soon enough. Top Notch hardware, phenomenal camera unit and a very noticable faster Symbian^3 made up for a great hands-on experience. Obviously, i won’t talk much into the Software yet, since this is all in proto status. But trust me, its a lot faster than all other phones before. Symbian and Nokia show us with the N8 what is poossible without any high-end specs, which is a great thing.

One thing that also comes as a first on the N8 is the Ability to connect Bluetooth Input Devices to the Phone – and work with it!! In our Case, me and Christoph (from Nokia Austria, thanks again) have used a Logitech Bluetooth Mouse and good ol’ Nokia SU-8W, a Bluetooth Keyboard. How its done? it’s as simple as connecting a BT Headset, enter Bluetooth Menu, search for input devices, choose, enter the 4-digit-code, done. Once the Mouse is connected, there is a small Mouse Pointer visible, and there you go. You can even use the right mouse button to go back to Home Screen, even scrolling is possible. Connect your N8 to a TV, couple it with your Keyboard and Mouse, and answer your mails right from the big Screen!! How about that!?

The possibilities are endless, its up to you to realize them 🙂