200,000 Android devices activated daily

The first Android powered phone which is known as the HTC Dream, also known as the T-Mobile G1 was launched by Google in 2008. 2 years are passed, and now Google Android OS is known as the one of the most successful and famous operating system. When Motorola and Verizon announced the Motorola Droid X, then Google’s Andy Rubin said that more than 160,000 Android devices are being activated per day, and now Google CEO, Eric Schmidt told reporters that 200,000 Android devices are activated every day.

If 200,000 Android devices are activated daily, then more than 6,000,000 Android devices are activated every month. During the Google IO conference in May, Google told us that more than 100,000 Android devices are being activated on daily basis, and now its 200,000, which means a 100% growth in only 3 months.

Currently Symbian is on the top by activating more than 300,000 devices per day, and as we can see that new and improved Android devices are coming out,  it’s just a matter of time and we’ll see Android on the top if the number of Android users grow with the same rapid speed.

Recently Verizon announced the Droid X, and Samsung launched the Galaxy S smartphones on all national US carriers. And probably in a few weeks, Verizon will be launching the Motorola Droid 2, and T-Mobile will launch their first HSPA+ device later this Summer. We’ll see a lot of Android devices by the end of this year, so this year is going to be the year of Androids.

via UV