Microsoft Pink Project becomes Kin – 2 new phones announced

The Microsoft Pink Project is finally official in the form of the Kin phones from Microsoft in a tie up with Sharp. These new phones are called the KIN 1 and KIN 2 and are aimed at the youth with sharing capabilities . The phones are going to be launched in May on Verizon USA’s Network. But we have a feeling it will be available outside the US too.

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Microsoft Pink Live-To Be Announced Tomorrow!

Finally, we get the first real/live picture of the Microsoft Pink phone. The rumours about the Microsoft phone has been going around for ages and we have seen various pictures leaked but this is the first live picture.

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Microsoft Pink Phone launching on April 12th ?


Engadget has received some unusual invite in  the form a circular package to a Microsoft event taking place on the April 12th and the invite is talking about Time to Share. It’s expected that Microsoft will announce a new pink range of phones which has been in the news since last September

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Microsoft Bing iPhone App reaches 1 million downloads , new version released

The popular Microsoft Bing iPhone App has crossed 1 million downloads on the Apple App store according to a posting by Florian Voss on  the official Bing community

A new updated version of the app is also available from the App Store for Free. Way to go Microsoft !

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Microsoft plans to invest $1 billion in Mobile Space

According to Forbes Microsoft is planning to invest over $1 billion in the mobile space . The information comes from an analyst who claims he got this info from the General Manager, Investor Relations at Microsoft

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MWC 2010 : Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Launch Event Summary + Photos , Video

For the last couple of years, we have been seeing Google and Apple getting head to head in the hot mobile device market. Critics were writing off Microsoft in the mobile operating systems space. Just when people were losing hope, Microsoft bangs in the announcement of the Windows Phone 7 at the Mobile World Congress 2010 here in Barcelona, Spain. Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer unveiled the Windows Phone 7 with his trademark “i-dont-need-mic” voice. FoneArena brings you pictures and videos from the press conference.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President, Windows Phone Program Management

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Windows Mobile 7 to Have Free Navigation!

Google brought in the first free navigation with the Motorola DROID/MILESTONE. Then Nokia went ahead and took it to another level by announcing free turn-by-turn navigation for all it’s GPS enabled devices.

Now Microsoft is the next one to follow the footsteps of Google and Nokia. Windows Mobile 7 which hasn’t yet been officially announced is rumoured to be sporting free navigation as well. Microsoft are trying their level best to make Windows Mobile 7 live upto the hype. Continue reading “Windows Mobile 7 to Have Free Navigation!”