LG Arena KM900 Photo Gallery starring Nokia 5800 , Apple iPhone and iPod

LG Arena KM900 is a great looking touchscreen phone from LG.  The Phone feels great to hold in the hand and has a great 3D S-class UI which brings an unique User Interface to the phone. The phone also features a 5 MP Camera which does take some great pictures and records awesome video footage. Dolby Music is another feature worth a mention. Dive into the photo gallery where we show you the best features of this touchscreen phone along with a comparisons with Nokia 5800 , Apple iPhone and iPod Continue reading “LG Arena KM900 Photo Gallery starring Nokia 5800 , Apple iPhone and iPod”

HTC Touch HD in India

For all you HTC TOUCH WIN MO fans in India, here is some sweet news for your ears. HTC 8282 Touch HD, the WinMo Monster is available through select retails (your favorite Mobile Showrooms in India).It retails for close to a whooping 42k INR. And it’s worth it for its mere 3.8 HD screen. Wow, and it’s got awesome Multimedia capabilities as well.

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HTC 2009 Handset line up gets Leaked !

If you are HTC fan or a Windows Mobile , PDA user or if you are waiting for the next Android phone from HTC who made the G1 Google Phone then some good news for you all !

Like the Nokia Internal Roadmap leaked earlier now HTC’s entire 2009 Handset line up has leaked ..

The new HTC handsets include the Touch HD Pro which succeeds the HTC Touch HD,Iolite and Iolite II.

The Android phone – HTC hero, the Tungsten for T-Mobile and the HTC Jasper for Sprint. AT&T will get the Topaz and the Barium.

The last one, the pink, HTC Hero seems to run Android. Nice to see more Android devices in the making.

There are 25 handsets in total and the they are below followed by pics .. Continue reading “HTC 2009 Handset line up gets Leaked !”

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music Touch phone launched in India

Nokia launched its much awaited Touch Screen Music handset the Nokia 5800 in India.

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music is the ultimate music and entertainment device that will bring touch User Interface to a broad segment of Indian consumers as well as provide them with a newer & better way of experiencing music. The device along with offering a variety of input methods including a virtual alphanumeric keypad, a virtual computer-style QWERTY keyboard, also has a pen stylus and for true music enthusiasts, a plectrum.

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic is a music and entertainment device complemented by a touch interface. Taking advantage of touch screen technology, the Nokia 5800 XpressMusic introduces the ‘Media Bar’, a handy drop down menu that provides direct access to music and entertainment, including favourite tracks, videos and photos. The Media Bar also offers a direct link to the Web and to online sharing.

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SE Xperia X1 launched in India!!!

India is fast becoming the launch pad for hi-end mobile phones. Sony Ericsson launched the Xperia X1 in India a good two weeks before the US launch. WOW!

At Fonearena, we have been tracking the Xperia since Feb 2008 and covered the handset extensively. Read the coverage here.

While the specs and features of the Xperia are on Fonearena and can be viewed here, we take another look at what is touted to be SE’s most flamboyant handset.

The X1 has killer looks and an arc-slider design, with fully functional nine customisable panels, a 3-inch clear wide VGA display, a full QWERTY keyboard, 4-way key and optical joystick navigation and a 3.2 megapixel auto focus camera within a quality metal-finish body. Phew!

It is SE’s first Windows Mobile handset and has the highest data transfer rate (HSDPA/HSUPA) and WiFi support. Continue reading “SE Xperia X1 launched in India!!!”

BlackBerry Storm 9500 Touch Screen with Springs

RIM, the maker of the BlackBerry, is taking on Apple. with a touch-screen phone that puts a new twist on the technology. With the new model being announced Wednesday, the Blackberry Storm 9500, RIM is for the first time giving up the physical keypad in favor of a large screen, just like the one on Apple’s iPhone. But RIM has listened to users who find the iPhone’s glass screen awkward to type on because its virtual buttons provide no tactile feedback.

Storm features a revolutionary touch-screen technology that dramatically enhances the touch interface and enables easy and precise typing. The world’s first “clickable” touch-screen responds much like a physical keyboard and also supports single-touch, multi-touch and gestures for intuitive and efficient application navigation. The Storm’s whole screen is backed by springs, and when pressed, it gives under the finger. Continue reading “BlackBerry Storm 9500 Touch Screen with Springs”

Motorola’s New Touchscreen Handset Krave ZN4 Leaks

We had forgotten about them, we had written them off the list of handset manufacturers, and they come back with a cool new touchscreen device. Motorola’s new Krave ZN4, which is supposed to be released on October the 14th with a Verizon contract in the United States, has just been leaked. from a Verizon user who has had the ZN4 in his hands.

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Google Phone in India for 8200

The HTC G1 or the first Google Android phone has already sold 1 .5 million units (pre-orders)

Its priced at $179 in America and comes with a 2 year contract.

Reports suggest that HTC is in talks with Indian operators to bring the Google Phone to India for as little as Rs.8200 but reports also suggest that the handset could be priced as high as Rs.20000

Anyhow thats much cheaper than the Apple iPhone price which is Rs.30000 approx.

So all your users who felt disappointed or fooled by the iphone pricing .. are u listening ?

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The S60 user Interface: A revolution waiting to happen

S60 is feature-rich software for smartphones with advanced data capabilities. Based on the Symbian OS, it includes an application suite, user interface framework, and middleware components. The flexibility of S60 allows for a variety of hardware designs and software configurations.

S60 devices include built-in features varying from messaging and calendar to a wide variety of personalization options and advanced web browsing.

The touch user interface in S60 smartphone software offers licensees the opportunity to develop devices with a variety of input methods, whether it is a touch screen with a traditional keypad, touch screen with a QWERTY keyboard or touch screen alone, supporting both finger or stylus optimized input, in addition to the range of access options that already exists today.

S60 touch user interface comes with support for tactile feedback, which means that there is a physical pulse and feedback when the user taps on the screen. This provides better awareness of the device’s response.

Existing S60 3rd Edition applications will run on touch enabled devices unmodified. Tools will be made available for developers to further optimize the touch experience of their applications.

Also, the new UI Accelerator toolkit will allow device manufacturers to develop rapidly and easily impressive graphical effects and new types of interactions, further increasing the user appeal and excitement. Continue reading “The S60 user Interface: A revolution waiting to happen”

HTC Touch Cruise

For navigation ease, get your very own HTC Touch Cruise

Equipped with a built-in GPS receiver and TomTom Navigator 6 software, with the HTC Touch Cruise, navigation will like taking a breath; easy, subconscious and invigorating. The handset is sleek and compact, with power packed features.


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