Motorola’s New Touchscreen Handset Krave ZN4 Leaks

We had forgotten about them, we had written them off the list of handset manufacturers, and they come back with a cool new touchscreen device. Motorola’s new Krave ZN4, which is supposed to be released on October the 14th with a Verizon contract in the United States, has just been leaked. from a Verizon user who has had the ZN4 in his hands.

Apparently, the device carries the flip design, long known by RAZR users, but the top part of the flip is transparent glass. It features the Motorola logo which doubles as the speaker for the ZN4. The touchscreen can be accessed with the glass flipped open or close, and some options are only available when the glass is close. The handset is well-built, small in the hand (RAZR-size) and features a nice and snazzy UI. It also features Motorola’s usual top voice call quality, and a 2MP camera.

It is unclear whether or not the ZN4 will have WiFi, GPS or 3G, but we sure hope it does, in order for it to be a significant offer from Motorola, and not just another reiteration of the RAZR, with a touchscreen. Anyway, here are some of the leaked images from the ZN4:

Via IntoMobile