Nokia N8 strikes again – amazing Timelapse Video from Austria

We all know about the Nokia N8’s amazing camera capabilities, right? It may not be the most user-friendly device (well, at least not until Symbian Belle comes out), but the superb build quality and the main aspect of the Nokia N8, the camera, have always spoken for it! Those two aspects are also the reason why i always carry one with me. I always try and find a place somewhere in my bag, just to have it with me, be it as backup device on a long day or as my camera for quick snapshots!

You see, there’s quite some love in the air for the Nokia N8, and apparently it is the same with a user called Sascha, who I found via the Nokia Austria Facebook page. Equipped with Camera Pro, Sascha has created a Timelapse Video, that I like so much, I just had to share it! Camera Pro, written in Qt by another fellow austrian, enables the user to access and use a more professional side of the Nokia N8 camera, like an 11x digital zoom, RAW jpg, video recording with 30fps and REAL video autofocus! Another feature of Camera Pro is a Timelapse function, which Sascha used to produce a whooping 1.552 pictures, and merge it all together to make one awesome video of it. Without further adue, enjoy the video!

How do you like the Video?

RBC raises Nokia’s Q3 outlook

BGR reports that RBC has raised Nokia’s Q3 outlook and said that the situation is not as dire as it appears. The analyst has set a target price of $9 and has said that the situation seems to be improving.

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LIVE BLOG : Nokia Symbian Event at Hong Kong

We are here at Hong Kong for Nokia’s Symbian Event where we expect see the future of Symbian  hopefully software and hardware. We will be live blogging the event.Stay tuned to FoneArena for latest updates. Continue reading “LIVE BLOG : Nokia Symbian Event at Hong Kong”

Nokia and Polar Mobile to launch over 300 mobile apps for Symbian , Meego and Windows Phone

nokia symbian windows phone meego

Looks like Nokia is still supporting Meego and Symbian as it plans to launch over 300 apps for Symbian , Meego and Windows Phone devices over the next 12 months. The handset maker has entered into an agreement with mobile app developer Polar Mobile to launch apps for top media brands. The first 50 apps will be available on Nokia Ovi Store for Symbian phones.All these apps are expected to use the Qt framework which enables developers to reuse code across various mobile platforms. It’s not clear what is the strategy for Windows Phone as there Qt does not support the platform as of now.  Continue reading “Nokia and Polar Mobile to launch over 300 mobile apps for Symbian , Meego and Windows Phone”

We want Mugen Batteries for our Nokia N8!



We here at Fone Arena are big fans of Mugen Power Batteries, this uprising company from the east, providing us power-hungry geeks with more juice for all our favourite devices, most notably batteries for smartphones. Over at the Mugen Website you will be able to find extended batteries for all types of smartphones, most of them even having two options offered. Normally Mugen would have one OEM-sized version, and a bigger battery, with imense power (for example an insane 4.800mAh battery for the Motorola Atrix!). If you want to know more about the actual performance, check out Jon’s review from a couple of days ago, where he had a look at the Motorola Milestone 2 battery! Continue reading “We want Mugen Batteries for our Nokia N8!”

Nokia to Spend $127 Million to Promote Windows 7

Nokia is ready to invest heavily in the promotion of their upcoming Windows 7 phones. They are reportedly spending a sum of 127 Million US Dollars (80 Million GBP).

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[Video] Quick Look at Symbian Anna on the Nokia X7

At the launch event of the Nokia X7 and E6 in India we got to spend a few minutes with Sudham , Product Manager at Nokia. He was kind enough to give us a quick walkthrough of Symbian Anna on the Nokia X7. Click through to watch the entire video. Continue reading “[Video] Quick Look at Symbian Anna on the Nokia X7”

Nokia N5 / RM-571 Running Symbian Belle Leaked

After a long time we’re seeing a flood of Nokia devices. A new addition to the line of leaked devices is the Nokia RM-571 which is believed to be named the N5. The device looks very much like the Nokia C6 and carries the design philosophy of low end devices like 5230. Expect this one to be cheap.

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Guide : Transfer all SMS from a Nokia Symbian Smartphone to Android Smartphone

So you got a  new Android smartphone and you want to transfer all important data from your old Symbian phone to it. We know how much important is that old data in your old Symbian phone. So generally there are many sites and online services which help you to transfer all the data like Contacts, Calendar entries, Notes, Images, Songs and even SMS to your new Android smartphone but at a very premium price. Sad smile Some charge more than $30 Continue reading “Guide : Transfer all SMS from a Nokia Symbian Smartphone to Android Smartphone”

Video : Nokia E6 Hardware and Software Overview

We got to play with the Nokia E6 for a while at the E6 Meetup last week and we decided to put together a really long 10 minute video of the hardware and software on this device.  We take a look at the hardware, the new Symbian Anna UI, the Camera , Music and Video playback and also a peek into the new browser.


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Belle UI Update For S40 Devices Incoming ?

The upcoming Belle UI update might also be coming to S40 devices as can be seen from leaked images and a screenshot.

Jay over at MyNokiaBlog reports that the Belle UI might be making its way to S40 devices as well. The update scheduled to hit S^3 devices later this year brings a major interface haul to all current S^3 devices. The update integrates the top status bar adds new icons along with  a performance boost.

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Angry Birds Magic Shown on NFC Enabled Nokia C7

Here is a video taken at the MeeGo conference which shows Angry Birds Magic on the Nokia C7. Rovio is working on Angry Birds Magic which basically bringing virtual and reality together.

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