Nokia to buy Symbian

The news is out Nokia buys Symbian ( the remaining shares ) in a move to establish the SymbianFoundation

Symbian just turned 10 years old this week ..  so the Finnish phone maker decided to buyout the SmartPhone OS maker

Well this is a smart move to compete with Apple iPhone and Google Android which are having strong developer programs ..

This deal will mark the formation of the SymbianFoundation and the source code would be made open source .. i guess just in time before the first android phone or iphone sdk hits global markets ..

The foundation is expected to start operations in 2009

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Nokia, Why Windows when we Have S60?

Sometime back Microsoft’s marketing director said that though Nokia is kinda of Symbian brand loyal they are in the process of discussion where they are pursuing Nokia to go with Windows mobile. Nokia didn’t react to this news when it was flashed by ITWire, I think now a days Nokia doesn’t react much to what media says about the company, leaking of N96 pics and specs and the German episode are good evidences for that. Continue reading “Nokia, Why Windows when we Have S60?”

Sony Ericsson P1


Sony Ericsson P1 is a revolutionary phone which tries to redefine the definition of a Business Class phone.

The P1 is a notworthy competitor for the Nokia E90 Communicator and Nokia N95 

Also the P1 will replace the P990 in the production line we suspect


  • 25% reduction in size compared to P990i
  • Support for most mobile email protocols
  • 3G, Wi-fi, bluetooth(stereo) ,Infrared
  • 3.2 Megapixel Camera and a additional Video calling Camera
  • Dual function keyboard,Stylus,Touchscreen
  • Rich Media support
  • Memory Stick Micro Expansion upto 4gb with 512 in package

Price and Availability

Expected to be available in Q3 2007 which is the current quarter in selected markets.

The phone might hit Indian market soon.

Get more info about the specifications here Sony Ericsson P1

Samsung goes Symbian S60 with the SGH-i400

samsung_i400.jpgSamsung announced the Symbian S60 phone – SGH i400 at Madrid,Spain. The phone is Samsung’s 2nd Symbian phone after the i520.


  • 2 MegaPixel Camera
  • Large 2.3 inch 256K Colors QVGA Display
  • Slider Form factor
  • microSD Memory Expansion – upto 4 GB
  • Stereo Bluetooth
  • Weight of 92 grams
  • GSM/GPRS /EDGE Network Support
  • Dual Stereo Speaker

The i400 will be launched in Russia somewhere in July 2007 and then move on to European countries a bit later.

Forum Nokia Open C Roadshow comes to Chennai

Great news for Mobile Developers in and around chennai.

Nokia is starting of its Open C Events in the Country.

If you are wondering what Open C is about but are interested to find out, then head to the venue.

Le Royal Meridien
1 GST Road,
St. Thomas Mount,
Chennai – 600 016,
Tamil Nadu,

Date 24th April 2007, Tuesday
Time 09:00 – 17:25

Register Now

Symbian opens office in China

Symbian committed to long-term investment in China

Beijing, China – January 16 2007 – At an official ceremony in Beijing, Symbian Limited today announced an office opening in China to support the growing business development and market operations of its licensees and ecosystem partners in the region. Symbian develops and licenses Symbian OS™, the market-leading open operating system for advanced, data-enabled mobile phones known as smartphones to the world’s leading handset manufacturers.

3 Killer Mobile Apps


Shozu is a free app to upload photos and videos from your mobile phone.

Its supports Flickr, WordPress, Blogger,Youtube , TypePad and a variety of services.

It also offers Contact backups

Its assisted by timely SMS alerts when the transfers fail or when you move out on roaming.

Gmail Mobile


Google’s J2ME client for its free Gmail service is one of the best mobile email clients out there.

  • automatic pre-fetching of messages
  • Slick and user friendly inteface
  • Attachments support for files and photos, viewable and automatically resized to fit the user’s phone

Just goto on your mobile browser to download the client which is about 130KB in size

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Sony Ericsson M600i

Sony Ericsson M600i is a perfect multitasking phone.The highlighting features are the secure push email,internet and intranet access. The sleek design with 2.8-inch QVGA high resolution touch-sensitive display makes it easy for accessing the internet, watching videos and images. M600i has got a dual form keypad which houses both the QWERTY form and normal keypad apart from the handwriting recognition that makes it easy for writing emails and messages.

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Symbian lowers prices for its operating system

Symbian announced new pricing models, looking to encourage wider adoption of its operating system by handset manufacturers. Most manufacturers have operated under a pricing model that charges US$7.50 per unit for the first 2 million handsets sold and $5 a handset thereafter. After seeing Symbian’s new models, some manufacturers may see costs drop to as low as $2.50 per unit.

The new pricing models offered would not charge a higher royalty fee for the first 2 million units. Symbian also looks to motivate manufacturers to use the latest version of the Symbian OS. Symbian is wise to offer more competitive pricing, due to the increased competition offered by other mobile operating systems such as Linux, Windows Mobile, and the Palm OS.

Symbian press release?

Symbian welcomes the new Nokia 9300i

Symbian Ltd. today welcomed Nokia s announcement that it has introduced the Nokia 9300i to its business device portfolio.

Symbian welcomes Nokia’s new 9300i with WLAN and a variety of email solutions

November 30th 2005 – Symbian Ltd. today welcomed Nokia’s announcement that it has introduced the Nokia 9300i to its business device portfolio. It incorporates WLAN connectivity with a full keyboard, 65,536-color screen, support for a broad range of enterprise email solutions, has an attachment viewer and runs on Symbian v.7.0s. Features include:

  • E-GPRS (EDGE) and WLAN 802.11g
  • Five party conference calling via an integrated speakerphone
  • Support for multiple email clients (with attachments), including BlackBerry Connect, IBM WebSphere, Oracle Collaboration Suite, Seven Always-On Mail and Visto Mobile
  • Infrared and Bluetooth capabilities

Planned availability for the Nokia 9300i smartphone is Q1 2006. Nokia will offer another tri-band version of the Nokia 9300i optimized for mobile networks in Europe and Asia (900/1800/1900 MHz) and capable of operating in compatible GSM networks in the Americas.

About Symbian Ltd

Symbian is a software licensing company that develops and licenses Symbian OS™, the global open industry standard operating system for advanced, data-enabled mobile phones.

Symbian licenses Symbian OS to the world’s leading handset manufacturers and has built close co-operative business relationships with leading companies across the mobile industry. In the first three quarters of 2005, more than 23 million Symbian OS-based mobile phones were sold worldwide to over 200 network operators, taking the installed base of Symbian OS phones to almost 48 million.

Symbian has its headquarters in London, United Kingdom with offices in the United States, Europe (Cambridge, UK and Ronneby, Sweden (UIQ Technology AB), Israel and Asia (Bangalore, Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo).