Ulefone Power Review


Battery life in smartphones has been one of the most ignored aspects in recent years. Sure, there has been several improvements in battery technology with faster charging, wireless charging etc. but the battery life has taken a drastic hit due to the phones becoming more power-hungry. With more and more powerful processors and bigger screens, phones require larger batteries to power them. Sure, optimization will help but only to a certain extent and Ulefone is a brand that seems to understand that. The Ulefone Power as its name implies is a smartphone with a massive internal battery. It packs a 6050 mAH battery into an affordable mid-ranger handset. It even offers DualSIM 4G LTE as well as a fingerprint sensor. Let’s dive into the review to see whether the phone does manage to impress us with its battery life and other features.

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Windows 10 screenshots leaked – Reveals 3D Tiles and new UI

windows10screens (2)

Leaked screenshots of the upcoming Windows 10 OS from Microsoft show us the changes in the UI and the new 3D tiles. Another major change is that Microsoft is bringing back the Aero Glass feature that was used in Windows 7 and Vista.

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Android 4.4 KitKat In-depth Walkthrough


Google announced the Nexus 5 a while back, and with it came the latest iteration of Android – 4.4 KitKat. Within a day, Nexus 5 made its way into the hands of talented developers and Google too helped along, with the AOSP builds instantly going live. We then rapidly saw ports and AOSP builds popping up, with one for the Nexus 4 claiming to be a direct port of the Nexus 5 ROM. That was intriguing enough for a flashing opportunity, and so we jumped on it, right away. It turned out to be exactly that, with the complete feature set, rather than the lacking AOSP builds. We used it long enough to discover and use all the user-facing features of Android 4.4 KitKat and hence, presenting you an in-depth overview of the same in a 26-minute video –


Read past the break for a walkthrough in text and photos.

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Windows Phone 8 GDR Update 3 – A Visual Walkthrough


Microsoft just announced the Windows Phone 8 GDR Update 3 release for all WP8 devices, and also announced the “Developer Preview” program for enthusiasts who want early access to the Operating System’s pre-release bits. All it needed was a simple 3-step method to install the update on your phone, and of course, without any second thoughts, we did it on our Lumia 820. Yes, we have installed the Windows Phone 8 GDR Update 3 on our device and it’s running great. The press releases didn’t have much to show in terms of what’s really changed with the third update of the operating system, so we are going to give you a visual walkthrough of what’s new in the GDR3 update.

Video –

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First Screenshots of Ice Cream Sandwich Revealed

Ice Cream Sandwich was officially announced back at Google I/O which is actually an upcoming version of Google Android OS. Google is actually making a one OS for all their Android devices because at the moment Android tablets runs on Honeycomb (few of them on Gingerbread) and all new smartphones are running on Gingerbread and few of them are Froyo powered. On the announcement, Google told us that it will be out later this year and we also heard recently that it will be out in October. Now it seems that Ice Cream Sandwich is almost around the corner because Android-Police and RootzWiki got their hands on first screenshots of the Google’s upcoming Android OS known as Ice Cream Sandwich. Continue reading “First Screenshots of Ice Cream Sandwich Revealed”

Symbian^4 and Symbian^3 Screenshots Leaked!

We reported to you that the Nokia N8 was going to be announced. It is almost certain now about it’s launch and it should be released as the Nokia N87. It will most probably be running Symbian^3, so these screenshots are sneak peeks.

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Apple iPhone 3.0 Software Update Screenshots and Camera Samples

I was lucky to get iPhone 3.0 running on a  first gen iPhone. Here are some screen shots and camera samples of the phone running 3.0. Cut Copy Paste has finally appeared.Some users are also reporting better battery life on the 3.0 firmware. One cool feature is Shake to Undo Redo typing . There are close to 100 pictures in this gallery and I have tried to show most of the updates present in the new firmware. If I have missed anything let me know !

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Take Screenshots on Nokia 5800 using ScreenSnap

As a Mobile Application Blogger, One of the most important application I need is a ScreenShot Application. Therefore I was looking for such an application for Nokia 5800 when I stumbled upon ScreenSnap.

ScreenSnap is a free application that allows you to capture screenshots on your 5800 and save it as an image file on your phone. To take a screenshot, you just need to press the predefined combination and its done. The screenshot will be saved in the memory card under the “Screensnap” folder.

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