Nimbuzz for Symbian gets updated to v3.0.1 , consumes 70% lesser data

The latest version of popular mobile app Nimbuzz consumes 70% lesser data than before.

Nimbuzz said,

With the new update we have enabled a new way to compress the data packages using zlib encoding. We expect that on average you will consume 50% less data, and depending on how you use Nimbuzz, this could get save you an amazing 70% in data used.

This update is also said to bring some noticable features such as :

  • Fast login
  • Invisible mode – so you can appear invisible to your Nimbuzz contacts.
  • Allow chats only from friends – so you won’t be bothered by people that are not on your list.
  • Updated status icons – for Online, Away, Busy and Offline modes.

To get the new Nimbuzz on your Nokia Smartphone visit & download from :