Nimbuzz Releases Premium Version In The Ovi Store

I switch mobile phones quite often and whenever I get a new Symbian phone, I have a specific routine of 30 minutes, including removing the useless stuff away from the Main Menu, changing some settings and installing Whatsapp, Gravity and Nimbuzz. You can be certain that if any of these 3 applications aren’t there, I won’t be using the phone at all.

Nimbuzz has easily become the default Instant Messaging applications for Symbian, thanks to its one-login that imports all IM accounts instead of having to setup each one separately. Lately, it also added compression which made the app snappier for all tasks and decreased its data usage. But for the past few versions, Nimbuzz has been trying to get some revenue out of its free service by displaying ads in its chat window, which are non-intrusive but may annoy some people nonetheless. Enter the premium Ad-Free version of Nimbuzz, now available in the Ovi Store for about 2.29$. This new Ad-Free version of Nimbuzz currently offers 3 advantages over the free version.

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