Samsung REX 90 Unboxing

Samsung recently announced its latest line of Java based feature phones under the REX branding. We’ve got our hands on the top end model called the REX 90 and here’s a quick unboxing while we work on readying a review of the handset. The phone has an interface very similar to the TouchWiz UI seen on Samsung’s higher end devices. Continue reading “Samsung REX 90 Unboxing”

Airtel launches Facebook app for Java phones

Airtel has launched Facebook app for Java feature phones for their customers and they also offer free usage of the app for the first 3 months. This Facebook app provides a better and faster Facebook experience than other Java apps and mobile site. Continue reading “Airtel launches Facebook app for Java phones”

Google replies to Oracle lawsuit, calls it “baseless” and “an attack”

Yesterday we saw Oracle suing Google over 7 different patent and copyright infringements, which is related to Android and Java. As we know that Oracle acquired Java maker Sun Microsystems last year, and now Java is their property. We were waiting for Google to come out and give a strong reply to Oracle, and they did. Have a look on what Google is saying:

“We are disappointed Oracle has chosen to attack both Google and the open-source Java community with this baseless lawsuit. The open-source Java community goes beyond any one corporation and works every day to make the web a better place. We will strongly defend open-source standards and will continue to work with the industry to develop the Android platform.”

Not only Google is disappointed, all the Android and Google lovers are disappointed. Google is trying their best to defend its mobile OS from the Oracle attack. May be Oracle will be replying to Google regarding the issue soon if they want to continue the legal war. May be Oracle is out of money, so that’s why they are suing Google for some money like they sued Microsoft in 2004, and got $1.6 Billion to resolve the issue. Lets see if Google can stop Oracle’s accusations by defending Android and proving the lawsuit wrong, or are they going to give out some good cash to Oracle to resolve the issue. So stay tuned folks.

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Microsoft Launches OneApp Platform for entry level phones

While only the premier mobile phones like the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Nokia S60 phones enjoy a lot of attention in the mobile application domain, most of the mobile subscribers around the world use only an entry level phone or any basic feature phone.

Keeping that in mind and to cater to the entry level mobile phone users, Microsoft has just introduced the “OneApp platform” with its primary goal, being able to allow developers to develop mobile apps for handsets which have a very limited processing power and low internal memory. Continue reading “Microsoft Launches OneApp Platform for entry level phones”

Orkut gets a Mobile App Finally , Start Writing Scraps on your phone

Orkut has been the most popular social networking website amongst India’s youth.But Facebook has been dominating the mobile social networking space . The Facebook iPhone App is a big hit. They launched a version of S60 phones recently and also mobile web version is usable. Google which released a mobile friendly version of orkut sometime back seems to have understood the need to roll out a dedicated Mobile App for Orkut. Continue reading “Orkut gets a Mobile App Finally , Start Writing Scraps on your phone”

Jamdat Launches Games on Hutch

Jamdat Mobile announced the launch of its game titles on Indian cellular service provider Hutch.

Mobile users in India can go bowling, wakeboarding or pitfalling wherever they go, whenever they want. Jamdat Mobile announced the launch of its game titles on Indian cellular service provider Hutch.

Jamdat Bowling, Jamdat Pool, Pitfall! and Wakeboarding are available now on Planet Hutch, Hutch’s data services platform.

Players can choose to play a single game or a 3-game series and maneuver their aim, power and pin meter for maximum control. Jamdat Pool gamers can play eight and nine ball on their mobile phones. Pitfall! is the wireless version of the classic title as players guide Pitfall Harry through more than 200 jungle screens. Wakeboarding features Shaun Murray and other top pros.

“India is a growing market for mobile gaming and Hutch is one of the leading cellular service providers in that market,” Minard Hamilton, Jamdat’s executive vice president of sales and marketing, said in a press release. Hutch’s core consumer base is the urban population, which is the ideal target for Jamdat’s titles, he added.