Microsoft Launches OneApp Platform for entry level phones

While only the premier mobile phones like the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Nokia S60 phones enjoy a lot of attention in the mobile application domain, most of the mobile subscribers around the world use only an entry level phone or any basic feature phone.

Keeping that in mind and to cater to the entry level mobile phone users, Microsoft has just introduced the “OneApp platform” with its primary goal, being able to allow developers to develop mobile apps for handsets which have a very limited processing power and low internal memory.

Some of the demo apps which are already available to download are Lite versions of Facebook, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger and many other programs which consume very minimal data usage.

The OneApp application will be compatible with most feature phones that has support for Java and is also very lightweight with an on-phone footprint of just around 150 KB which makes the installation very easy and very fast. Also it will launch only the part of the application which the user wants to use, hence saving on the precious system resources of the phone. Microsoft has also added that, if need be, they will store some of the programs’ data on its own servers to ease constraints on mobile phones.

This OneApp platform comes as a great news to all the mobile application developers since mobile apps are now quickly becoming the driving force in a mobile phone rather than the hardware, all thanks to the immense popularity of iPhone’s App Store and Nokia’s Budding Ovi Store.

So what do you think about this new venture from Microsoft? Do you think this will finally fill the void present in the app world of Basic Mobile phones. Pass on your valuable Comments.

For more details on the OneApp Platform, you can check the OneApp FAQ or you could browse its application gallery.

Author: Vikas SN

A Complete Mobile freak. Regularly Blogs about Mobiles at and Tweets as @tsuvik