Orkut gets a Mobile App Finally , Start Writing Scraps on your phone

Orkut has been the most popular social networking website amongst India’s youth.But Facebook has been dominating the mobile social networking space . The Facebook iPhone App is a big hit. They launched a version of S60 phones recently and also mobile web version is usable. Google which released a mobile friendly version of orkut sometime back seems to have understood the need to roll out a dedicated Mobile App for Orkut. Continue reading “Orkut gets a Mobile App Finally , Start Writing Scraps on your phone”

The Youth use mobiles for PC applications

More research is out showing that today’s youth view their mobile phones as an extension of the online lives from their PCs.

The report from In-Stat points out that the generation aged 8 to 27 use their mobile phones to access their social networks wherever they are.

This news is great for companies attempting to bring PC content to mobiles.

As content is pulled to mobile devices, publishers will pay to make sure it arrives in a readable format and quickly enough to satiate user demand, meaning content delivery networks, providers of transcoding services and services that render PC content accessible to mobile phones could benefit. Continue reading “The Youth use mobiles for PC applications”

Nokia connecting with Facebook??


Facebook is a social networking sire launched in the year 2004. It became very popular with users who were bored of using Orkut and wanted something new. Today Facebook is very popular, especially among users. Paid Content has reported that Nokia and Facebook might enter in some kind of deal. They say that the news is confirmed by their “sources”. Continue reading “Nokia connecting with Facebook??”