HTC to launch LTE device in 2011, probably going to Verizon

We know that Verizon is working on LTE, and they have plans to launch their first LTE device in early 2011. And also AT&T announced that they will be launching LTE next year, so both carriers are trying hard to better than each other. HTC CEO Peter Chou said that they will bring the first LTE device in 2011, and as we know that HTC launched the first 4G powered phone via Sprint (HTC EVO 4G), and also the first HSPA+ phone via T-Mobile (G2). So HTC has full plans to take the LTE too. Well it’s not confirm yet that which carrier will pick it, but I think it’s Verizon. Because Verizon is launching LTE before AT&T, so if HTC want to bring the first LTE device, then for sure it’s Verizon. But there is one more confusion, that what will be the operating system? Verizon and HTC both love Android, because HTC is making a lot of Android phones, and you can also see a lot of Android handsets on Verizon shelves. But it could be WP7, because Microsoft said that they will start shipping the CDMA version of WP7 phones in early 2011. So lets wait for some official words. By the way what do you want, Android or Windows Phone 7?

via GSMDome