Smartphone Championship: Nokia N900 vs BlackBerry Storm 2

The last match of FoneArena Smartphone Championship was between the Palm Pre and Nexus One, and I have a bad news for Android fans. Palm Pre beats Nexus One by a very big margin. Palm Pre got 625 votes, and the Nexus One got only 230 votes, and total votes are 882. Thanks everyone for voting, and now lets head to the next match.

The next match is between the Nokia N900 and BlackBerry Storm 2, both are leading smartphone of their companies. So lets see who’s the winner. Vote for your favorite after the break.

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  • Angad Singh

    Hey thanks for speeding up the competition……. next time i think u guys should post comparison videos along with it….. i mean if people had seen the nexus 1 Vs Palm comparison results could have been different… u can still do it for the X10 n Droid….

    • Sure Angad,

      Thanks for the suggestions !

    • mtv757

      angad, I would just like to inform you that the pre is a way better phone than that of nexus 1 and if the was a video comparison more people would have voted for the pre. If you would have tried the palm pre you would have a different position on this. Also it showed that the pre was better in sales.

  • sarj

    Google nexus one can’t be defeated. who voted against the nexus one they don’t know the power of nexus one.

  • shak

    amsung Galaxy S will win this competition very easly

  • subodh

    well m a galaxy s user bt i knw d power of high end htc smartphones..its undigestable…nexus one can’t lose to palm pre….I don’t knw why people voted against nexus one….utter nonsense..

    • I agree N1 is a good phone but it lost because its not as popular as the palm pre .. Users voted 🙂

      • Angad Singh

        I say blame the americans for not supporting the nexus 1… lol…. 🙂 But this competion is not at all about what is better its about what people really know about it…..
        If they did many result could have would have been different..

  • Vicky

    Why was Samsung wave not included in this championship???

  • ronie

    i think this is a very good n necessary competition,many guys ll claim their cell to b the best, here is my oponion:
    i hav used iphone3gs, xperia10x, now recently got to N900, n all i can say is N900 is a beast, it can b compared wid Lion King of Jungle. whereas Xperia 10x is Lioness, n rest but none is top of the king….

    all the best !!!!