Apple to increase UK and Europe app prices


Prices for content and applications in Apple’s App Store in the UK and Europe are to rise this week as Apple compensates for currency fluctuations and changes in taxation rates. The Cupertino company sent a message to Apple Developers on January 7th outlining that the prices would rise in all European Union countries along with Canada but will drop in Iceland. Continue reading “Apple to increase UK and Europe app prices”

Apple smashes App Store sales record

Apple App Store logo

Apple has started 2015 with a bang as the company announced it broke its own record for weekly App Store sales in the first week of the year. As noted by Street Insider, Apple sold nearly $500 million worth of apps and in-app purchases in the first week of 2015 with its sales on New Year’s Day also breaking the record for sales in a single day. Continue reading “Apple smashes App Store sales record”

Intel AppUp and the problem of content curation

Intel held its annual AppUp Elements conference in Seattle last week. Amongst the announcements including that of Tizen , one of the more relevant topics touched upon was content curation. The session led by Peter Biddle , GM AppUp Products , was a fresh look at the app curation model and how AppUp could innovate. The problem of app discovery is not one to be overlooked. To take an example , sorting through and finding the app you need from over 425,000 available on the iTunes store is a herculean task.

Continue reading “Intel AppUp and the problem of content curation”