Apple to increase UK and Europe app prices


Prices for content and applications in Apple’s App Store in the UK and Europe are to rise this week as Apple compensates for currency fluctuations and changes in taxation rates. The Cupertino company sent a message to Apple Developers on January 7th outlining that the prices would rise in all European Union countries along with Canada but will drop in Iceland. Continue reading “Apple to increase UK and Europe app prices”

Apple smashes App Store sales record

Apple App Store logo

Apple has started 2015 with a bang as the company announced it broke its own record for weekly App Store sales in the first week of the year. As noted by Street Insider, Apple sold nearly $500 million worth of apps and in-app purchases in the first week of 2015 with its sales on New Year’s Day also breaking the record for sales in a single day. Continue reading “Apple smashes App Store sales record”

Bing Visual Search: An Awesome Search Engine for iPhone Apps

Bing iPhone 1

Bing recently launched a new feature called Visual Search through which you could search for any gadget/movie/books etc visually, whose names you finding it difficult to remember.

So you might ask, how is this relevant in a Mobile blog? Well, Bing’s Visual Search has a specific section for iPhone apps as well wherein you can find applications for your iPhone or iPod Touch without opening up the iTunes App Store.

Continue reading “Bing Visual Search: An Awesome Search Engine for iPhone Apps”

The AppStore is finally out on the iPhone 2.0

The best thing which is part of the new iphone is the new software and the App store

This means that even existing iPhone owners who have upgrade to the new version of the software can now install both free and paid apps on the phone .. facebook , google , myspace , ebay  all have native iphone apps out there Continue reading “The AppStore is finally out on the iPhone 2.0”