First iPhone Trojan is out


The First iPhone Trojan is out !!!, a forum dedicated to iPhone modification, had initially issued warnings about this Trojan. When the Trojan enters the iPhone it just displays the word “shoes”. Symantec reports that the moment you try to uninstall the Trojan it will delete the bin files on your iPhone and it also overwrites some kind of source code inside the iPhone. This Trojan is called, “iPhone firmware 1.1.3 prep” Continue reading “First iPhone Trojan is out”

Motorola W230 and W270 Frill-free and economical music phones

Along with the Z10 and Rokr E8, Motorola revealed enhanced versions of the W230 and W270 at the CES.

Motorola W230
An endearing candy bar handset that serves up both great mobile phone basics and a fantastic music experience, featuring Motorola’s proprietary CrystalTalk™ audio-enhancing technology, that reduces background noises, to make calls clear and loud.


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Motorola Rokr E8 – New age music player

Rokr E8 is a mobile phone with a stand-alone music player and is the latest addition to Motorola’s Rokr Series.

For a music buff, the E8 is a boon because:

• Windows™ Media Player™ 11 compatible allowing easy transfer of your favourite music onto the handset
• Access to more than 200 online music stores
• Drag-and-drop to organize songs, artists, albums and playlists
• FM radio form where you can download new music
• Song ID feature that will recognize and display tune information
• Built-in speaker
• Stereo Bluetooth® wireless technology
• Standard stereo wired headphones

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Motorola innovations from CES – Moto Z10, Rokr E8 and more

It’s rocking time for all you mobile lovers out there.

Sony Ericsson revealed 3 new models at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2008 in Las Vegas recently. Read Fonearena’s coverage of the new releases here.

Motorola has followed suit and unveiled four handsets at the Show, two brand new handsets, Moto Z10 & Rokr E8 and two enhanced versions of existing models, W230 & W270.

Moto Z10

Nicknamed the “pocket-sized mobile film studio”, the Z10, based on the Symbian operating system will allow users to play and capture high-quality video, marry audio and video, and create storyboards with soundtracks directly on the phone.

If you are a film enthusiast, you can even upload the video/movie on various social networking websites.

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Nokia Point and Shoot

nokia_pointfind.jpgNokia mobile handsets with camera have something to cheer. There is a new Point& Find application in the market, which will help you in unknown lands. For example you are roaming around in China and you go to a restaurant, if you are not Chinese or Japanese, you will not understand what is written. Now you click the pic of that menu card and send to your operator, who will process it and here you go, translated menu card for you. This application is made for helping mobile handset users in shopping, translation and other location based services. Continue reading “Nokia Point and Shoot”

Nokia goes Green at CES 2008

As we all know that the CES 2008 was held recently. Mobile handset players like Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson etc showcased their upcoming and concept handsets. Nokia, may be in order to win the Greenpeace award for 2008 (went to Sony Ericsson in 2007), showcased another eco-sensor concept phone, which monitors the environment as well as the vital stats of the person who is using it. Nokia showcased its eco-sensor phones at the CES 2008 and has confirmed that the company would make these phones commercially available. Continue reading “Nokia goes Green at CES 2008”

Sony Ericsson Z555 – Eye candy!

The new Sony Ericsson Z555 combines advanced features with breathtaking aesthetics
So says the tagline on the official Sony Ericsson website.
One look at the pictures and phew….the tagline is right on the mark!

A part of the Design Collection, the Z555 is an elegant clamshell phone which combines power – packed features with an innovative diamond design.


Incredible features:
• Gesture Control – sweep your hand over the phone to mute calls or put your alarm clock in ‘snooze’ mode
• Hidden display – Can’t see it from the top of the clam shell, yet it shows you who is calling when the handset rings
• Ever changing themes to suit the season – Linked to the phone’s calendar, the Z555 knows when it’s time for that summer look to give way to the fall Continue reading “Sony Ericsson Z555 – Eye candy!”

Sony Ericsson W350

Not much about this handset was revealed by Sony Ericsson at the launch, although at first glance, this handset is one helluva good looking mobile phone!

All we know for now are the dimensions: 104 x 43 x 10.5 mm and the weight is the modest 80g.


The handset features 1.9″ display with a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels, capable of showing up to 262K colors.

With this handset it is certain that folks at Sony Ericsson are trying to revive the uncommon flip-down form factor. Personally I think the flip down look is sleek and prevents unwanted flicking of buttons on the keypad by all and sundry. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson W350”

Sony Ericsson W760,W350,Z555 from Sony Ericsson at CES 2008

Sony Ericsson released three new handsets simultaneously ushering in the new year with a running start.

The handsets are W760, W350 and Z555.

Sony Ericsson W760 – The Global Walkman

A feature packed handset that has a walkman (as its nickname suggests), with distinctive stereo speakers and latest games, including Need for Speed™ ProStreet.

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Official US Debut – Nokia N95 8GB

Nokia itself has confirmed that the company is offering the US version of the multimedia monster, Nokia N95 8GB.The N95 has 8GB of internal memory, WLAN, 3D N-Gage gaming platform, 5 mega-pixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics and HSDPA support.

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Luxurious and Stylish, Golden T650i

When everybody was thinking that premium phones is only Nokia’s domain, Sony Ericsson has come up with a Golden T650i. This is very rare from a company like Sony Ericsson, who does not focus on coming out with premium phones. Anyways, this T650i is the same phone, which was launched by the company, the only difference being that, now it has 24 Carat pure gold plating, scratch resistant mineral glass display has added a lot of oomph and style to this Sony Ericsson handset. Continue reading “Luxurious and Stylish, Golden T650i”

Mobile Innovations of 2008 winners announced

I never knew that Users would expect so much out of their mobile phone before kicking of Free Recharge contest where we asked the users 1 simple question. What feature would you like to see in your mobile phone in 2008 ?

We got about 65 Responses from users who had patiently written about the features which they would like to have in their mobile phone in 2008.

We really had a tough time picking the winners. Most ideas were good and we could not eliminate users easily. So we have picked 10 Users at Random as winners.

Congrats to the winners and A Big Thanks to all the participants.

Please find the list of winning entries below Continue reading “Mobile Innovations of 2008 winners announced”