Palringo now on iPhone

Now vocal IM on your iPhone thanks to Palringo!

Palringo enables vocal instant messaging, picture messaging and text-based messaging over the iPhone’s 3G data connection.

Popular messaging services such as Apple’s iChat for Mac OS X, AOL’s AIM, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, Gadu Gadu, ICQ, Jabber and Windows Live Messenger are integrated with Palringo.

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Nokia 6210 Navigator debuts in India

In a series of another set of exclusive privilege launches in India, Nokia launches the 6210 Navigator in India.

According to some reports on the internet, Nokia 6210 Navigator is supposed to be one of the most well built devices nokia has ever released in recent times ofcourse next only to Nokia E71 , the undisputed leader as of now. Continue reading “Nokia 6210 Navigator debuts in India”

Palm Centro smartphone now in BLACK

Palm, Inc. has unveiled a new version of their Palm Centro smartphone in Onyx black colour.

It looks decent.

According to some folks there is a certain amount of flair and fashion sense as well in the phone

I kind of disagree with that. Black looks stylish, but also somehow very ‘plasticky’. However, each buyer to his own. If Black is your choice of colour, the Palm Centro is now available in Black across stores in India. Continue reading “Palm Centro smartphone now in BLACK”

Sony Ericsson W902 5 Megapixel camera walkman phone

Sony Ericsson is pepping up its music phones with the introduction of W902.

The model boasts of autofocus camera, image stabilization for both photos & videos, as well as picture and video blogging and Sony Ericsson’s BestPic technology. It supports Google maps and can geotag the photos after being captured in the phone. Having 8GB Memory Stick Micro (M2) card and the high-end HPM-77 wired headphones this Walkman music player is on-board for a full music experience. Continue reading “Sony Ericsson W902 5 Megapixel camera walkman phone”

Spice Mobiles may be taken over by Sony Ericsson

Looks like it is still a rumour although meetings between the two companies are underway even as we report this.

Spice Mobiles is possibly going to be incorporated into Sony Ericsson.

Feature rich Spice handsets incorporated into high-end Sony Ericsson could only mean that the entry level market for handsets will improve. Buyers of entry level phones will largely benefit from this alliance.

More on the tie-up as news trickles in.

Watch this space.

Contest Nokia Nseries Fusions Challenge

Nokia Nseries Fusions Challenge Gets Hotter!

Anyone interested in trying out a location tagging game? It involves intellect, promptness, creativity and of course technology. If you are a enthusiast who loves to explore new stuff… then you might want to try this out.

Register for Nseries Fusions Challenge This is the last week for registrations. (Closes on 27, 2008)

P.S. CHECK OUT THE PRIZES SECTION. Apart from the contest prizes, there is a special giveaway for Fone Arena members.

All you need to do is –
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MOTORAZR 2 V9 Ferrari

Its going to be a zoomin’ rockin’ handset!

As the Formula One racing culture catches fast with the youth in India, Motorola has partnered with world-renowned sports car label Ferrari to launch a co-branded 3G-enabled handset named the “MOTORAZR 2 V9 Ferrari” in the Indian market.

Specs and features as indicated:

• 3G-enabled
• Unique racing interface
• 2 Megapixels camera
• 2 GB expandable memory Continue reading “MOTORAZR 2 V9 Ferrari”

Spice S-707n with m-commerce launched

As the Indian government regularises m-commerce, Spice Mobiles has launched a new handset – the Spice S-707n with the feature. Spice Mobiles has tied up with ngpay, one of the leading mobile commerce services in the country.

Spice S-707n allows its users to transact through fast, simple and secure means with the pre-loaded ngpay feature enabling them to book railway, airline and bus tickets, make bank transactions, send gifts, pay bills, book hotels, movie tickets and more.

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Photo Gallery of the Apple iPhone 3G FoneArena Exclusive

We managed to take some photos of the latest celeb in town .. the iPhone 3g ..

it looks almost the same as the first gen iphone except for that fact that its more sleek and got some

weight reduction treatment .. there are screws at the bottom which means a replaceable battery and screen ..

same sexy screen .. take a look for yourself

more pics below

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Apple iPhone 3G Hands On Video Review FoneArena Exclusive

We were lucky to grab an iphone 3g at an Apple Store and for all you folks out in parts of the world where the phone has not come yet — this is what the phone looks like .. enjoy FoneArena’s Exclusive Live Hands On Video Review

more videos below

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What will be the iPhone 3G price in India

The whole world is now getting the iPhone 3g and the still there no word on the pricing information the 2nd largest mobile market in the world – India

So many of you users have been asking about the iphone 3g ‘s price in india . Unfortunately no official info is out but we can make some predictions based on our understanding of the mobile  scene in india.

Read on to get the expected price of the 3g iphone

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Chennai tops SMS usage in India survey says so

A new study in America reveals that Americans hardly use SMS technology and finish their social talks through calls and emails. This raises a question upon the trillions upon trillions SMS that were reportedly sent were nothing but marketing gimmicks and spam messages.
In the US, 82% of respondents indicated that they had never used the text messaging feature on their mobile phone. A full 3% indicated that they had used text messaging on, at most, a monthly basis, while 15% used text messaging “every week or more.”

But Chennai people are reigning superkings when it comes to texting. Chennai tops the list in
SMS Penetration in India. Continue reading “Chennai tops SMS usage in India survey says so”

India the Preferred Mobile Destination

Be it tourism, finance, economy, or newest technology, India is now the most preferred destination for all activities. India is now abuzz with activity and yes the world has finally understood its true potential. Well this is certainly why nokia has launched the Nokia E71 and the Nokia 6220 classic here, first amongst several markets. Nokia said India is an emerging market has the largest base for its handset markets. Moreover it’s a strategic move to take on a nearly close yet far rival Samsung.

Nokia E71 retails for 19500 INR and Nokia 6220 Classic retails for 17500 INR.

more info on E71 and 6220 classic follows

New Motorola W362 CDMA for Reliance users

Reliance Communications unveiled Motorola’s new CDMA handset W362 in Chennai. This handset is claimed to be made entirely in India, at the Motorola plant in Sriperumbudur in Tamil Nadu.

This low end handset has very basic features and is a great buy for college students.

Specs & Features:

• 4x zoom VGA camera
• 1,000-entry phone book Continue reading “New Motorola W362 CDMA for Reliance users”