Nokia Maps 2.0 Update time Folks

Well all of you reading this having a Nokia Gps enabled handset., Well folks its time for you to Start your updating mode. well your gps navigation experience just got better., if not best. Nokia unveiled the latest and most polished version of its not so perfect Nokia Maps 2.0( it still is the best).

well we are all familiar with the car mode as we have been using it for a while. well for walkers who love to do window shopping and gaze around the beauty of the metropolis Nokia has been kind enough as it has made an addition to the car mode that the existing users will be familiar with, 2.0 adds “Walk,” Continue reading “Nokia Maps 2.0 Update time Folks”

Windows Mobile on Nokia

Nokia has always been happy and successful with using Symbian and maintaining its relations hip with Symbian. No body would ever imagine Windows Mobile running on Nokia phones, but IT Wire has reported that software giant Microsoft is in talks with Nokia and has asked Nokia guys to offer Windows Mobile Operating System on Nokia devices. Continue reading “Windows Mobile on Nokia”

Ngage relaunch gets closer with pre-release downloads


Today marks a huge step towards the official release of the N-Gage Platform for the Nseries devieces. For the time being however, Nokia has chosen to invite N81 owners to the party a bit earlier than the

rest of us. The pre-release version of N-Gage is available for download immediately and there are several game titles on the shelf as well. To download it you can visit N-Gage users can trial games prior to purchasing them and plenty of great developers have already jumped on board. Popular titles include

  • FIFA 08
  • Asphalt 3
  • World Series of Poker
  • Midnight Pool 3D.

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New Virus For Symbian V2

The SymbOS/Beselo.A! worm is actively spreading at present, according to a warning the FortiGuardGlobal Security Research Team. The worm, which at present is most common in China, has been spreading worldwide and does not appear confined to any one carrier.

Once a mobile phone is infected, the worm then sends itself via viral MMS to all the other phone numbers in the contact list, and to other apparently randomly generated mobile phones in China. Continue reading “New Virus For Symbian V2”

Nokia buys open source greenphone maker Trolltech

The news is out Nokia buys yet another company. This time Nokia is buying a Norwegian Linux mobile developer firm Trolltech

Trolltech are the makers of the Greephone

The Finnish giant seems to be embracing the Qt or Qtopia mobile platform as Russ points out. Its seen as a move by the worlds largest handset maker to expand its software and internet based services.

Dr Kai Öistämö, the head of Nokia’s devices unit,said the acquisition would aid Nokia in its strategies of being “a leader of the converged world in internet mobility” and “growing consumer services and businesses solutions”.

So is this the rise of the mobile web 2.0 or is it just Nokia 2.0?


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Nokia N95, Blogging and WordPress

n95_8gb.jpgBlogging today has become a rage. There are many Blogging platforms like WordPress, Blogger, Typepad etc that satisfy your Blogging needs. With the advent of smart phones, mobile Blogging has become popular. Today, Blogging platform like Blogspot and WordPress are very popular among people who want to start their Blogging career. Continue reading “Nokia N95, Blogging and WordPress”

CES 2008: Samsung launches SGH-i450, G800, SGH-i620, SCH-i760

Here’s more news from the Consumer Electronics Show 2008 on at Las Vegas. This time, it is Samsung. Four new models – SGH-i450, G800, SGH-i620, SCH-i760.


Phew! Somebody’s been working very very hard.

Samsung SGH-i450

Symbian S60 OS powered music phone in a slide form factor that will take your breath away. It has a type of touch sensitive scroll wheel system to navigate the music player and menus. Continue reading “CES 2008: Samsung launches SGH-i450, G800, SGH-i620, SCH-i760”

Motorola innovations from CES – Moto Z10, Rokr E8 and more

It’s rocking time for all you mobile lovers out there.

Sony Ericsson revealed 3 new models at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2008 in Las Vegas recently. Read Fonearena’s coverage of the new releases here.

Motorola has followed suit and unveiled four handsets at the Show, two brand new handsets, Moto Z10 & Rokr E8 and two enhanced versions of existing models, W230 & W270.

Moto Z10

Nicknamed the “pocket-sized mobile film studio”, the Z10, based on the Symbian operating system will allow users to play and capture high-quality video, marry audio and video, and create storyboards with soundtracks directly on the phone.

If you are a film enthusiast, you can even upload the video/movie on various social networking websites.

Motorola_Z10_tn.jpg Continue reading “Motorola innovations from CES — Moto Z10, Rokr E8 and more”

Nokia Point and Shoot

nokia_pointfind.jpgNokia mobile handsets with camera have something to cheer. There is a new Point& Find application in the market, which will help you in unknown lands. For example you are roaming around in China and you go to a restaurant, if you are not Chinese or Japanese, you will not understand what is written. Now you click the pic of that menu card and send to your operator, who will process it and here you go, translated menu card for you. This application is made for helping mobile handset users in shopping, translation and other location based services. Continue reading “Nokia Point and Shoot”

Nokia goes Green at CES 2008

As we all know that the CES 2008 was held recently. Mobile handset players like Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson etc showcased their upcoming and concept handsets. Nokia, may be in order to win the Greenpeace award for 2008 (went to Sony Ericsson in 2007), showcased another eco-sensor concept phone, which monitors the environment as well as the vital stats of the person who is using it. Nokia showcased its eco-sensor phones at the CES 2008 and has confirmed that the company would make these phones commercially available. Continue reading “Nokia goes Green at CES 2008”

Nokia N95 8GB gets v15 firmware

All About Symbian is reporting that theres a major upgrade to the Nokia N95 8GB firmware available for download. You can see the screenshot below which shows the possibility to upgrade from version 11 to version 15.

Nokia n95 8gb v15 firmware

Highlights of the new firmware v15.

Faster Search

Increase in access speed of the internal 8GB memory.

Support for 3rd party themes

Flash Lite 3 and Flash Video suppor t. This is the most interesting feature addition to the phone.

Adobe launched FlashLite 3 with Video  some time back in October last year.

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Nokia Audiobooks Application

audiobooks_mainview_volume.jpgThis is a good news for all you book worms out their with Nokia phones.Nokia beta-labs has come up with the Nokia Audiobooks application. I hope what do you mean by Audiobooks, you can listen them i.e. somebody will read it for you so that you just relax and listen to that Audiobook. Nokia Audiobooks application will allow you to listen to your favorite Audiobooks while you are on the move. This application includes a highly efficient audio compression technology optimized for voice (AMR-WB), a player application for S60 (Nokia Audiobook Player), and an audio converter tool for PC (Nokia Audiobook Manager). This application is made for Audiobooks; it will help you in listening them with clarity and also browse chapters. Cool. Continue reading “Nokia Audiobooks Application”

Youtube on your S60 3rd Edition phone with emTube

Are you a Youtube addict ? There is a which is a mobile version of the most popular video site on the web.

But sadly not all videos are not available on the mobile website of Youtube.


Now the good news – If you own a S60 phone which is built on the S60 3rd Edition platform then you might be able to view full length videos on your mobile phone and even download your favorite phones to your phone or memory card.

emTube ( M Tube ) lets you do all of this for free.

It works even behind a firewall and works over wifi/gprs /edge

It worked smoothly on my E61i. Heres the screenshot Continue reading “Youtube on your S60 3rd Edition phone with emTube”

BPL Mobile Tracker – SMS based lost phone watchdog

Being a mobile phone blog we get numerous requests from desperate users who have just lost their phones. Sadly we cant help.

BPL Mobile has come up with an interesting Mobile Tracker solution which sends out an SMS when the SIM Card on your mobile phone is changed. The software works only on some GSM / Nokia Symbian handsets which include

Symbian Series 60 First Edition

  • 7650
  • 3650
  • 3600
  • 3660
  • 3620
  • Ngage
  • NgageQD

Symbian Series 60 Second Edition

  • N70
  • N72
  • N90
  • 6630
  • 6680
  • 6681
  • 6682
  • 6600
  • 6620
  • 7610
  • 7710
  • 3230
  • 6260
  • 6670

Symbian Series 60 Third Edition

  • E65
  • N91
  • N80
  • N73
  • N71
  • E70
  • E61
  • E60
  • E50
  • 5500
  • 3250
  • N95
  • N93
  • 6290

Thats good news only for Nokia users.35 Handsets are supported as of now.


  • Rs 149 one time fees. No Monthly Rentals.
  • Works in the background as a watchdog
  • Application icon is always hidden and will not allow thief to uninstall
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Can be used on all GSM Networks

Mobile Tracker Home Page

Nokia E61i Review

Nokia E61i is an enterprise phone loaded with features. It gives Blackberry handsets some serious competition.

Update : Nokia E71 is out and chk out the review

The handset fits snuggly in the hand (at least for me)

The design is impressive and has luxury touch added to it due to the metallic finish similar to the 8800

The phone is an upgraded version of the E61 which lacked a Camera and had a primitive browser. But the built of the E61i is much better than the E61. The keypad has undergone a transformation for the better.

Continue reading “Nokia E61i Review”