Windows Mobile on Nokia

Nokia has always been happy and successful with using Symbian and maintaining its relations hip with Symbian. No body would ever imagine Windows Mobile running on Nokia phones, but IT Wire has reported that software giant Microsoft is in talks with Nokia and has asked Nokia guys to offer Windows Mobile Operating System on Nokia devices. Microsoft’s mobile communications business international marketing director John Starkweather has said that they are in talks with Nokia bout this new venture but also said that he is not sure of the announcement. Windows Mobile is doing this just to piggyback on the success of Nokia given the reach of Nokia phones. Just imagine Windows Mobile coming on Nokia Phones, it will give run for money to other guys who make OS for PDAs/smart phones. By the way Windows Mobile just has 6% of the smart phone operating system market share where as Symbian has 70%….hmm good move by Microsoft…if successful then I am damn sure…Nokia guys will receive complaints of OS crashing he he he.

Author: Team FoneArena

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