Windows Phone Tango to up multitasking limit to 8 apps

Microsoft has been trying to put across the point that the Tango update will be fairly minor and aims to bring down the requirement levels to be able to launch lower end hardware without compromising the experience. What it hasn’t told anyone is that due to the reduced hardware requirements , current hardware will be able to perform better. Keeping this in mind , Microsoft has increased the limit for apps allowed to multitask to 8.

Developers over at XDA have flashed an HD7 with a leaked Tango ROM which has revealed some interesting tid bits the biggest being the one mentioned above. The upcoming update also increases support for a massive amount of new languages to target new markets. We’re quite excited about the upcoming Tango update which should tide us over while we wait impatiently for Windows Phone 8 !

[Via – XDA]

Author: Dhruv Bhutani

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