Apple iPhone4 Unlocked Prices Revealed

Pre-orders for the iPhone 4 started today and some interesting information about the pricing of the unlocked version of the phone has been revealed.

iPhone 4 – 16GB Unlocked  –  499 GBP in UK and 629 EUR in France

iPhone 4 – 32GB Unlocked  –  599 GBP in UK and 739 EUR in France

That translates to roughly about Rs.35000 for the 16gig version and Rs.42000 for the 32gig version.

If you are having doubts if the phone will work in your country , this is the information from Apple Store.

Do I need to commit to a long-term contract for my iPhone?
Buying a SIM-free iPhone from the Apple Online Store allows you choose your own carrier and change carriers at any time. iPhone may also be available at a reduced initial price with a contract directly from your wireless carrier.

If you want to be amongst the  first to own an iPhone 4 outside the initial countries where the 4th gen iPhone is launching you can ask your friends abroad to pre-order now and send them to you !

But wait the new iPhone uses a microSIM card which is also used on the iPad 3G. This means that you cannot use your regular SIM card on the new iPhone without cutting it down !

via Apple

Author: Varun Krish

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