Apple has started to ship iPhone4

Apple has started to ship the latest iPhone 4 to customers in USA according to MacRumors. The iPhone 4 is going on sale on June 24th and these new phones are expected to reach users who ordered them online early by June 23rd. The iPad shattered previous sales records set by Apple . iPhone4 Pre-orders crippled Apple and AT&T order systems and some users were unlucky to have their orders canceled. The iPhon4 might beat the sales records set by the iPad.

And this time Apple is selling  unlocked / SIM-free/ no-commitment phones online in UK , Europe and Canada. So you don’t have to wait for hackers to bypass the Apple security walls ! But one thing to watch out for is the fact that the new iPhone uses a microSIM card and you might need to convert your normal SIM card to a microSIM. We won’t advice you to try that on your primary phone number but you may experiment on a spare SIM

Author: Team FoneArena

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