Official Nokia Lumia 1020 camera samples, zoom in for some insane 100% crops


By now, you might already have seen us professing love for the Nokia Lumia 1020‘s 41 megapixel camera. While we were not allowed to transfer photo samples from the demo units on the show floor, we did get a lot of glimpses at some insanely detailed full resolution samples, as well as crystal clear 5MP oversampled photos on several Nokia devices here at the event. We noticed that some of the samples that were shown to us were already up on the official Nokia Press website, and like us, you might want to get ready to drop your jaws to the floor. Here are some handpicked full resolution, oversampled and low light “official” camera samples straight from Nokia for your viewing pleasure.

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Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Camera Samples


The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom was officially unveiled and launched recently at an event in London. We had went hands on with the device earlier and even unboxed it to show you the first glimpse of what this hybrid device is all about. And yes, as you guessed right, the device is all about the camera. We took it for a spin and shot a lot of camera samples. How did it fare in every situation possible? Read on to find out.

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Nokia Lumia 720 – low light photo samples


We had reviewed the Nokia Lumia 720 earlier and had lauded the camera capabilities. We were so impressed by the low light performance that we decided to give it a go again and see how it fares in very challenging conditions. Below is a summary of the photos taken and some additional information on how it fared. Read on.

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HTC One UltraPixel camera samples and full HD video sample


The HTC One that we recently unboxed was really hyped up by HTC for one special feature, the camera. Bucking the trend, HTC went for a different approach by not counting on the megapixels. With just a 4 MP sensor, touting the pixels as an “Ultrapixel”, HTC sought out better image quality coupled with Optical Image Stabilization for better low light performance instead of the never ending megapixel race. Not only that, they also have a new video and still image experience in terms of software with HTC Zoe, capturing all the important memories in a sequential manner, without having to worry about missing a moment. All said, how is the real world performance like? Head on past the break for some camera samples in really testing conditions and a video sample from the HTC One.

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80 Photos Of The Nokia N8 By The Nokia N8

If you thought “Geek Art” stopped at only piling up Nokia N8s inside each other, then think again. When you have a Nokia N8 in your hands, you realize two things simultaneously: 1. the hardware and design are like nothing by any other manufacturer currently, magnificently well built, and 2. the camera is astonishing, for landscapes, everyday shots, and specifically macro shots. It’s only when you add these two revelations together that you wish you could take a photo of the N8 with the N8, because no other device could capture this much details, and no other device is this beautiful.

Fortunately, if you have two N8s (even for the short period of time that I had them), you are blessed with the amazing opportunity of doing just that: taking a photo gallery of one N8 with another N8. Inverse and repeat.

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Camera Samples : Sony Ericsson Satio 12 Megapixel Madness at Night

sony ericsson satio 12mp camera

The Sony Ericsson Satio sports a 12.1 Megapixel Camera and Rita brought you some stunning pictures of the phone some time ago. The phone packs a Xenon flash and we decided to put it to test in the Delhi market. Check out the camera samples below !

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