HTC One UltraPixel camera samples and full HD video sample


The HTC One that we recently unboxed was really hyped up by HTC for one special feature, the camera. Bucking the trend, HTC went for a different approach by not counting on the megapixels. With just a 4 MP sensor, touting the pixels as an “Ultrapixel”, HTC sought out better image quality coupled with Optical Image Stabilization for better low light performance instead of the never ending megapixel race. Not only that, they also have a new video and still image experience in terms of software with HTC Zoe, capturing all the important memories in a sequential manner, without having to worry about missing a moment. All said, how is the real world performance like? Head on past the break for some camera samples in really testing conditions and a video sample from the HTC One.

The “Ultrapixel” camera, as HTC proudly boasts, is a new take at how smartphone cameras should be made. Instead of going for higher megapixels in ever shrinking sensors, HTC has taken the same 1/3.3″ 8MP sensor and halved the megapixel count to 4, making the individual pixels larger than conventional sensors. And hence what you get is a nice bump in image quality and coupled with Optical image stabilization, the low light performance too is nicely improved.

Click here to read more about the HTC Ultrapixel camera in detail.

So, as you know by now, our guy from UK has been using the HTC One for a while. It’s been snowing heavily there, making it tough for any camera to work out the white balance and exposure properly, so we have some pretty interesting samples from the UK below. All are uploaded in full resolution, so you can click the thumbnail to open in full size. There are low light samples too. Check it out –

With regards to video, the HTC One record full HD 1080p video with Optical image stabilization on both the front as well as the rear facing cameras. Here is a video sample from the rear facing camera –


While these camera samples are enough to judge on your own, you might have to wait for our Indian unit to arrive in order to test the camera for ourselves, so we are reserving judgement till then. You can also download the above said samples from a zip file here.

Photo and video credits – Damien McFerran.

Author: Bharadwaj Chandramouli

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