Samsung phones to get free Jio SIM with 3 months unlimited 4G data, calls

Samsung Jio Preview offer

Samsung is all set to launch Jio Preview Offer in partnership with Reliance Jio soon. This offer will be available for select Samsung smartphones and will let you enjoy unlimited HD voice & video calls, unlimited SMS, unlimited 4G data and Jio Premium apps for 90 days / 3 months. Continue reading “Samsung phones to get free Jio SIM with 3 months unlimited 4G data, calls”

Gallery : Zync Z-999 3G Android Tablet

We recently got a chance to play around with yet another newly launched low-cost Android tablet called the Zync Z-999. Here’s a quick gallery showing you all the main features of the tablet along with our quick impressions.

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LG set to unveil first triple SIM handset next month

Dual SIM phones have been quite popular in emerging markets and among users requiring the use of two numbers on a single handset but triple SIM phones haven’t found much of a market yet. Marketed by a few Chinese manufacturers , we’ve yet to see large scale adoption of the tech by the larger OEMs.

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Nokia Asha 200 : Dual SIM , QWERTY enabled S40 device announced

The Nokia Asha 200 is a dual SIM enabled device which allows for Easy Swap ie it is possible to change the SIM card without turning off the device. You also get shortcuts for social networking , email , IM , Orkut and Flickr amongst others.

The phone can support upto 32GB microSD cards allowing users to store thousands of tracks. The phone is rated for 52hours of audio playback. A 2MP camera is also present at the back of the phone.

UPDATE: Here is a hands-on video of the Asha 200


SK Telecom introduces NFC enabled SIM cards

SK Telecom , a Korea based telecom operator , has just introduced its next generation USIM cards which add NFC capabilities to phones lacking it. NFC is used to enable cell phone based payments , mobile advertisements and even peer to peer communications.

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What is a MicroSIM or 3FF SIM Card ?

micro SIM CARD

Each and everyone of us use a SIM card today. Not only one, may be many.What was once an expensive chip to acquire back in the early days of mobile telephony has become a very cheap plastic card that is available even for free if the mobile operators are desperate to add new connections. Yesterday Apple announced the iPad which works over Wi-Fi and 3G / GSM networks with microSIM cards. If you thought that the MicroSIM or 3FF Sim Card is a new invention , you might be wrong . The introduction of these cards dates back to 2003.

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SIMagine invites SIM-based application developers to win 150000 euros in prizes


If you or your company develop SIM-based mobile applications, then you must be interested in SIMagine 2010.

Its an event which is inviting all developers who develop for the tiny chip which sits in you mobile phone a.k.a SIMCard.

Did you know that the SIMCard has inbuilt Memory and a tiny CPU?

Last year India sent in 18 entries.So where are you developers ? You have a chance to win 150000 euros in prizes

Last date for submitting your entry is  October 17, 2009 . So hurry up !

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