More images of the 41 MP Nokia EOS pop up, lets speculate!

Nokia EOS camera

It was February 2012, good year after the big announcement when Nokia bid a huge farewell to Symbian in the form of the Nokia 808 PureView launch at MWC. While it lost a legacy, the company actually solidified and stretched its R&D superiority in smartphone cameras. Building on the Lumia 920’s anti-shake merits, Nokia plans to do a repeat of the earlier success, but now with its main strategic flagship OS, Windows Phone. That said, we had just witnessed a barrage of leaks regarding the successor to the Nokia 808, called the Nokia EOS(a codename) PureView, with its circular camera facade housing the purported 41 MP sensor. Unsurprisingly, more images have now leaked, that add more credibility to the earlier rumour. Lets discuss and speculate with the new leaked images then.

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