Nokia World 2010 – Expect Live Coverage from Michael Hell

Yes thats right, I just secured a Deal with Nokia Austria for Nokia World 2010 in London!! I will be in London from Sept. 13.-16., making the most of my time over there, visiting Nokia World, WOM World Nokia/1000 Heads and more. I’m also extremely looking forward to meet fellow bloggers again, some people i already know and hopefully some new contacts as well. This is not an all expenses paid trip, which means i’ll sort Hotel and Flights on my own, but i’m just happy i don’t need to pay the ridiculous 700 Euro for the 2-day ticket.Nokia World 2010 Continue reading “Nokia World 2010 — Expect Live Coverage from Michael Hell”

Motorola Backflip Launched In India for Rs.22990

Motorola has launched yet another Android phone in India , this time the Backflip which features a unique reverese-flip design and the Backtrack feature.The company has also officially unveiled the Milestone XT720 Android Phone in India.

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BlackBerry Bold 9700, Bold 9650 and BlackBerry Pearl 3G will get BlackBerry OS 6.0 Update

If you own a BlackBerry and look forward to upgrade to the latest version of the BlackBerry software then it would be possible only if you used any one those phone mentioned above. In a Press Release announcing the BlackBerry 6 OS launch , RIM has indicated the compatibility with exisiting Blackberry phones which only include the Bold2 aka 9700 and the recently launched Pearl 3G and Bold 9650. Continue reading “BlackBerry Bold 9700, Bold 9650 and BlackBerry Pearl 3G will get BlackBerry OS 6.0 Update”

BlackBerry Torch 9800 Official Photos

Here are all the official photos of the just launched BlackBerry Torch 9800 thanks to AT&T.  The Torch features a full QWERTY slideout keyboard , Touchscreen display. Blackberry OS 6 and a new improved Web Browser

Enjoy the photos while we find out the specs !

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A Byte of Apple : iPhone 4 set free

Phew! If you follow Apple as closely as I do, you’d know that they’ve been keeping us pretty busy over the past couple of weeks. If it was the iPhone 4 launch one week, it was the ‘Antennagate’ press con the next, and this past week, a slew of products and news kept the Apple-sphere agog about the latest from Cupertino.

In their signature Tuesday-morning-release style, Apple launched a number of updates to their existing product families, including an all-new 27-Inch LED Cinema Display and MacPros with upto 12 core CPU options, among others. Apple desktop users were given some trackpad love with the release of the Magic Trackpad, which gives iMac and Mac Pro users the ability to use the full set of gestures (including two-finger scroll, pinch to zoom, rotate, three and four-finger swipes) that Apple’s portable computer lines have enjoyed over the past couple of years. Oh, and they also launched a battery charger. Yep, an Apple battery charger, and guess what? It’s suddenly a rage all over the internet… jeez, a battery charger! I mean sure, it’s a nice little AA battery charger which minimizes ‘vampire draw’ by shutting off the power when the batteries are charged, and ships with six batteries which are claimed to last up to ten years. Only goes to show that just about any Apple news is big news! Continue reading “A Byte of Apple : iPhone 4 set free”

Leaked Nokia MeeGo OS Demo

We just spotted a video demo of what looks like MeeGo OS running inside a Nokia Phone Emulator. The screens don’t look like the UI where MeeGo screenshots pointed us about a month ago. But we heard that Nokia is going to have it’s own UI on top of the native MeeGo UI and this might be atleast a portion of that. But the UI looks pretty impressive ! Continue reading “Leaked Nokia MeeGo OS Demo”