Nokia E90 Has Serious Microphone Problems

Is Nokia getting sloppy with its handset production, or is the entire list of faulty components just a bad dream? As if the battery issue was not enough, Nokia E90 seems to come with several other drawbacks, some of them serious enough to endnokiae90hasseriousmicrocu2.jpg

anger its production.

Many newly Nokia E90 Communicator owners have complained about microphone problems and scratches on the internal screen due to the keyboard. Such situations must have been overlooked in the development stage, as they are actually the result of minor slips. Moreover, an EMEA network operator which has been selling the E90 last month registered a 70 percent return rate. That’s a huge number which shows that there is the device has serious problems to solve before daring to show its face to customers again. Continue reading “Nokia E90 Has Serious Microphone Problems”

Its official N82 in black

The long rumored black N82 is official There were many rumors about a black N82 in the last weeks, there were many photoshopped pictures of it, but now it´s official.

In my opinion it looks very good! I hope it will be available in Europe and Asia as soon as possible.

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Video calls with the Nokia 3120 classic

 Nokia 3120 classic is a 3G device that offers video calls, web browsing, music downloads and email.



• Intuitive user interface, large tactile keypad, a great quality 2” QVGA display
• 2 megapixel camera with flash, as well as a video conference camera

Its a highly upgraded version of the immensely popular Nokia 3120

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New Virus For Symbian V2

The SymbOS/Beselo.A! worm is actively spreading at present, according to a warning the FortiGuardGlobal Security Research Team. The worm, which at present is most common in China, has been spreading worldwide and does not appear confined to any one carrier.

Once a mobile phone is infected, the worm then sends itself via viral MMS to all the other phone numbers in the contact list, and to other apparently randomly generated mobile phones in China. Continue reading “New Virus For Symbian V2”

MotoYuva W230 music phone launched in India

The Motorola W230 was launched in the CES 2008 which was covered by Fonearena.

The company has now launched the handset in India.

• GSM 900/1800 and GSM 850/1900
• Up to approximately 550 minutes
• Weight – 80g
• 45 x 110.97 x 14.7 mm
• 1.6” 128 x 128 65k CSTN


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Fring Never worry About ur ISD bills

Well Have you ever wondered your GPRS connection is going kapput without actually having any real usage other than actually just checking mails and your occasional cumbersome internet browsing. Well lo behold, Welcome “Fring”, a software from FringLand Inc., .

go mobile with Skype MSN, Messenger, ICQ,

Google Talk, SIP, Twitter, AIM& Yahoo!

Yes you Can. it integrates all your accounts into one single screen and allows you to chat with all your friends in various accounts together at the same time.

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Apple iPhone 16GB now official

The 16gb version of the iPhone which was making rounds of rumors on the internet has finally proved to be true .

Apple has launched its 16GB version of the iPhone today.

It will set u back by 499$  . Its 100 more than the 8 GB version

“For some users, there’s never enough memory,” said Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide iPod and iPhone Product Marketing. “Now people can enjoy even more of their music, photos and videos on the most revolutionary mobile phone and best Wi-Fi mobile device in the world.”

The new 16GB iPhone is available immediately through the Apple Store, Apple’s retail stores and AT&T retail and online stores.

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Opera Mobile 9.5 promises desktop browsing feel

Brand Wars are getting more and more public these days.

Opera is taking Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Mobile head on with Opera Mobile 9.5

They are claiming to be 2 times faster than Internet Explorer mobile.

Also they are promising a desktop browsing feel .

Tabbed browsing , autocomplete addresses, offline browsing etc.

sms_image.png Look at the image above , the software lets u save / send images right from any webpage.

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JuiceCaster coming to India

Are networking sites Facebook or Orkut banned at your workplace computers?

JuiceCaster to your rescue!

If you have a camera and a Windows enabled phone, you will be able to share your videos from your phone itself.


California-based Juice Wireless is all set to offer Indians this flexibility of publishing multimedia content from their phone to any person, group, Web site, or desktop with the help of JuiceCaster. Continue reading “JuiceCaster coming to India”

Nokia N82 Review

I have spent more than 3 weeks with a Nokia N82. This review is a summary of my personal experience with the device over this period of time. This smartphone is one of the fastest symbian phone i have ever used.Multi tasking is awesome and battery life seems good.

Nokia N82 in palm

Here are the box contents


Form Factor and Display

This is one phone which is as solid as a brick. No rattling sounds from the body.Its so firmly packed and its feels great to use it though its slightly huge.The body is in plastic but it does not look cheap , its actually a good fit in the palm. The phone weighs about 114g and is pretty decent when you take into account the features of the phone. Display is a 240×320 screen with 16 million colors. Its usable in most places even in the Sun.

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Diamond (phone) is forever


The Guinness Book of World Records announced the LeMillion as the world’s costliest mobile handset. I have observed one thing, all these costly phone makers launch their products in the US or the European countries, I suppose, they think that the elite people, who can afford their mobile handset, stay in these countries. Continue reading “Diamond (phone) is forever”