Tons of Nokia E7 Pics Leaked

The same guys who shared the video of the so called Nokia N9 have posted some cool pics of the device. This might be the E7 as it looks very similar to the E90 ! The hardware is marked as RM-626 and C0 and is a Nokia Protoype and not a final device. This is very old proto according to Eldar and final hardware might look different. How do you like the device if it was meant to be real ? It looks like a N8 with a 4-row QWERTY keypad.

UPDATE : E7 is official and here are authentic images

Note the new slider mechanism which is different from the N97

AMOLED Touchscreen

Source : ModMyMobile

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Author: Varun Krish

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  • Interested

  • Diogo Neves

    lol. The sliding mechanism is exactly the same… The only thing different is that the bar on the back doesn’t cover the whole back but the mechanism is exactly the same…

  • Satya

    Not interested. I will go for N8.

  • krish

    Finally i found the successor for my e90!!!! This is really intresting to hear that this machine comes under Eseries… Eagerly waiting for E7… Hope E7’s config beat N8…. Eseries rocks…!!!!!!!!!

  • mohit

    what is the expected price of it in india?

  • kaushal

    gsmarena says its got super amoled screen! Is it so?

  • flUX

    Hmm.. E series? far-fetched,
    No stainless steel touch, no E-series.

  • cluedo

    it looks like there’s no micro sd slot

  • Harry

    Guys – Got my Samsung Galaxy – and apart from the Camera flash and 12 meg being a debatable POV as it will EAT the battery like anything in the Nokia- I guess the Android powered Samsung beats the I Phone and the Nokia models…

    The 1 GHZ Humming bird processor in the Samsung Galaxy carries 30 MB of L2 cache and 512 MB of RAM…. plus 16 GB of memory ….

    The Apple I Phone has similar specs – but the Antenna issues will not be sorted out in the I Phone 4 as the Bezel/ casing is the Antenna itself and the moment you hold it with your hand the signal reception takes a hit by upto 50% in some areas…

    The I phone costs almost double to run as the I phone data plans are higher priced by the carriers and the Galaxy and Nokia run on normal data plans….

    The I Phone is almost double the price of the Samsung Galaxy and I am pretty sure with the 12 meg camera the Nokia N8 will be slightly higher priced the Samsung….

    Also the N8 is a model being launched in a hurry by Nokia and I as a customer would like to watch the market response before I touch it.

    Symbian 3 might be great software but it might just end up have Integration issues with many applications available in the open market – so I clearly foresee a situation where I might just have a Good phone and waiting for a year for the market to adapt with the new tech….

    And why should I buy an I Phone at double the price when I know the issues it has are embedded in the basic design of the product…

    I have always loved Nokia but they probably need me as their CEO to help them get out of the current crisis…. cheers!!!

  • Mitch


    Why are you talking about the N8 on a post for the E7?

    Symbian has a good track record of producing phones with good battery life. That will carry on.

    Oh and why 12MP camera would use more power i dont know… it’s just capturing more pixels.

  • Nag.

    Bullshit nokia crap,learn something from samsung.
    Provide resonable pricing of sets in india or you will lose all your shares to samsung in midrange and high range smartphones.